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Wedding Budget Planner Worksheet (Best Tool)

Holding a wedding is not easy. Most couples face the planning of a complex event that carries many expenses that are not always easy to control. With this article, we want to offer you a tool to make calculating your wedding budget simply while not leaving any details forgotten.

Budget planning has never been so beautiful!

Proper budget planning is especially important for a perfect wedding. With our wedding budget planner specially created for soon to wed, you have an optimal overview of your current expenses throughout.

Let’s make “budget planning” great again!

This budget planner was created in and for Microsoft Excel, one of the most common programs for using spreadsheets & calculations. Unfortunately, tables are a great pleasure for only a few of us, but that is about to change! Get this budget planner and start budgeting for your wedding today!

Free budget planner worksheet

The FREE wedding budget planner at a glance:

  • Excel file for use in Microsoft Excel
  • Precise instructions to get started planning faster
  • Clear & beautifully designed table (so planning is much more fun!)
  • Overview of your total budget and your already planned budget
  • Retention of installment payments or down payments
  • Any changeable credits

Get your budget planner and start wedding budget planning today!

Wedding Budget Planner Template
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Well planned is half won!

Budget planning is not exactly the most beautiful occupation in wedding planning, but a very important one! Only with good budget planning can you keep an overview of the costs of the wedding. After all, we do not want to pulverize more dumplings than we have at our disposal.

And because we know how unsexy the topic of budget planning is, we have turned the topic into a beautiful but above all practical tool. With our planner, you can constantly control, expand, and change your costs as you need for your organization.

With this Premium budget planner, you get a clear table for better calculation of your wedding expenses.

This Excel Budget Planner includes:

Overview of your total budget available

It’s the sum total of all the money you have reserved for the wedding, and you are willing to spend. Once you add the total amount in the “Add Your Actual Budget field, you are good to go, and on your way to calculate all your expenses.

Simple cost planning for future expenses

An easy to understand cost planning for future expenses, nothing fancy or ultra-sophisticated, which requires technical knowledge. It will also show you the estimated expenditures, actual expenditures, and other prospects.

View total expenditure at a glance

It helps you understand the total amount of expenditures you have to make in a jiffy, which is very widespread, and difficult to plan without a budget planner. Total expenditures will be the estimated expenditures, which may vary when the services are actually acquired, which will be showed by the actual expenditures field in the budget planner.

Record installments, down payments, and rental payments

It helps you in maintaining a proper record of installments, down payments, and rental payments, which can often lead you to trouble if you are late. Usually, during weddings, you do not purchase all the things and services but acquire them through EMIs. Whereas you have to pay rent of vehicles, and hall these payments go to the rental payment field.

Categories for all areas of wedding planning where costs are incurred

Includes categories for all kinds of expenditures which are made at a wedding. It will show the amount and percentage of budget allocated to different categories, which helps you determine the categories where you will like to increase or cut spending.

Editing & changing services is possible at any time

Unlike a physical register or notebook where adding changes to the wedding budget is a real mess as you have to redo all the things you previously chart out, it’s much easier with this budget planner to update or edit without having to re-plan all the things.

Comprehensive graphical reporting

By automatically showing graphically the amount taken by each category, it helps you analyze and organize budget in an efficient way, and it gives you an idea of which category is taking a larger share of the pie!

Categories & Credits

To make planning even easier, we have divided all the important areas that are available when planning a wedding for you and divided them into categories:

  • Paper & stationery

Elegance is shown especially in the small details, and the wedding stationery is one of them.

  • Clothing & Accessories

Definitely the great protagonist of the wedding. We are sure on your big day you’ll look radiant.

  • Beauty

Another key point for the bride is the point of beauty treatments. An expense that, adding up all its services, involves many small efforts.

  • Rings

Alliances are the symbol of a wedding. In these cases, we talk about jewelry; the price can go as far as we want to spend.

  • Flowers & Floristry

Flowers are a very present part of any wedding. Both because of its meaning on their own, or as part of other decorations.

  • Photography & Video

Wedding images are the memory that you will have forever. There are many services related to this area

  • Gifts

Weddings carry around them endless details in the form of small gifts that the bride and groom offer to the guests.

Download now and get started right away!

Wedding budget planner (Premium)

You need the following program to use the budget planner:

Microsoft Excel

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