Job Application Letter (24+ Sample Letters)

The first step towards seeking entry into any firm is to draft a job application to the effect. In many cases, this application is solicited in the sense that it responds to an earlier advertisement or call for application. Either way, the manner in which you draft a letter of this kind matters a lot.

A good letter of application not only sets you apart from the others but also ups your chances of getting picked for the job eventually. It is against this backdrop that we draft a detailed and in-depth guide of this kind. Take your time to skim the explanations we give hereunder.

Purpose of the Letter of Application

This letter serves the following major purposes:

Respond to a Call for Application

Most of the time, it is the recruiter who initiates the job hunting exercise. In this sense, it is he who, in fact, issues a call for application. The letter of application drafted in this sense merely serves to respond to a previous call for application. In this sense, it specifies the dates and the times when the call was made.

Summarize your Skill-set

As part of applying, you want your recruiter or potential employer to have a rough clue of who you are. Thus, the letter serves also to summarize your skill-set i.e., your educational qualifications, and the professional work experience. The purpose is to give a clearer picture of you in a nutshell.

Demonstrate your Competence

Over and above merely summarizing your skill-set, the letter also demonstrates your competence. In this regard, it draws a direct connection between your skills and competence on the one hand and the requirements of the job on the other hand. It is this, in fact, that vouches for your suitability for the post.

Introduce yourself to the Recruitment Panel

This letter also serves to introduce yourself to the recruitment panel. It answers in summary who you are and how likely you are to meet the expectations of the firm to which you are applying. That again goes a long way in letting the recruitment firm know more about you.

Showcase your Availability

Most job openings have a fixed timeline when they have to be filled. As part of submitting your application for the same, you must also showcase your availability i.e., when exactly you intend to take up the vacancy if picked for the same. Needless to say, you have to be available at that time.

How to Write a Letter of Application

To be able to draft such a letter, you have to follow the steps below:

Step I: Review the Company’s Recruitment Policy

Each company has its own laid down a set of rules and regulations that govern its recruitments. You have to take your time to familiarize yourself with the policies of the firm you intend to apply to. That will provide you with the guidance you need to craft a relevant letter.

Step II: Address the letter to the hiring manager

You have to address the letter appropriately to the hiring manager or the recruitment panel. That is to make sure that the letter is not only received well but also interpreted to be serious.

Step III: Open the letter accordingly

Get to the core now of the letter by opening it appropriately. Describe your interest in the vacancy at hand and demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for the same. Tell the hiring manager that you are indeed upbeat of the vacancy and are ready to work.

Step IV: Summarize your qualifications and experiences

Go ahead now to summarize your qualifications and experiences in the cover letter. This summary aims at acquainting the hiring manager with your skills and competence in a nutshell. That helps him to have a rough picture of who you are and how likely suited for the job you could be.

Step V: Close the letter

Round up the letter now by expressing appreciation for the opportunity to apply for the job and giving a brief peek into your other lifestyle traits and personality. Let the employer know that you are indeed enthusiastic about taking up the vacancy if granted it.

What to include in a Letter of Application

A typical letter of application ought to contain the following pieces of information:

  • Name and Address of both Parties – These are the names and the addresses of both the applicant (you) and the recruiting company/potential employer.
  • Vacancy applied for – At any given time, an organization typically has many job vacancies at a time. It is important hence that you specify exactly which one you are applying for to prevent any doubt from possibly arising.
  • Skill-set – This is basically a summary of your work experience and academic qualifications. These two have to mirror the requirements of the job to be able to convince the recruiting panel that you are indeed qualified for the said vacancy.
  • Personality – It is also imperative that you incorporate other aspects of your personality that are not relevant to the vacancy but which nonetheless give a complete picture of yourself. These include your hobbies, skills, and life goals.
  • Availability – How soon are you ready to take up the vacancy if qualified or granted the same? You have to let the panelists know about this to be able to adjust their expectations appropriately.

Letter of Application Format

The format below will let you draft a nice letter of application:

Your name

Your address

Your email address

Your phone number


Name of hiring manager or supervisor

Title of the hiring manager or supervisor

Company name

Company address

Dear Mr./Ms.

RE: Letter of Application

I hereby tender my application for the ___________________ (job title and reference) in response to an earlier advertisement that was posted on the ________________ (name of the advertising channel or media) on ________________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

My educational background as well as the professional work experiences converge to make me suited for the role. I hold a ________________ (academic qualification e.g. Diploma, Degree, Associate Degree e.t.c.) from ____________________ (name of college or educational institution).

If picked for the job, I plan to start out immediately. Kindly refer to the enclosed resume for more information about and a breakdown of my skills and competence.

Closing [Sincerely, Best]

Your signature

Your name (printed)

Sample Application Letters

Thursday, August 27, 20XX,

Julia Spencer,
101 Seaport Boulevard,
Boston, MA 02210


Margret Simpleton
Manager – Sonalux Kitchenette,
770 Atlantic Avenue,
Boston, MA 02111


 Dear Madam,


RE: Letter of Application

 It is with great joy that applies to be considered for the position of Junior Accounts Manager with your organization, Sonalux Kitchenette, which was posted on the local dailies

 I feel qualified for the vacancy due to my possession of a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Accountancy Option) from the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Business.

 Additionally, I did my attachment at the M&T Accountancy Incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts, area. In case I get the job vacancy, I shall be available for work immediately.


Kindly grant my application with a favor.


Best regards,
Julia Simpleton



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      Things to Keep in Mind while Writing a Letter of Application

      As you draft this letter, there are things you have to keep in mind. These are:

      Emphasize your abilities and skills

      This letter gives you the rare opportunity to showcase your competence. Never lose sight of this fact. As such, you should take every opportunity to emphasize the abilities and skills you have to mind. While at it, provide evidence to back your allegations up as well.

      Remain concise and On-point

      Do not make this letter too long and detailed. All you have to do is to provide the bare minimum pieces of information you need to convince the recruiting panel of your capabilities. In fact, you should make the letter no more than 1 page longer and highlight the necessary details.

      Match your skills with the job requirements

      In the course of drafting the letter, be sure to match the skills you have with those of the job requirements. That is to convince the panel of your own suitability and readiness to take up the challenges that the job has to offer.

      Be factual and truthful

      All the pieces of information you furnish have to be accurate and to the point. Refrain from exaggerating facts or incorporating misleading information in the cover letter. If possible, be sure to match the claims with hard evidence to their effects. This includes you accompanying the letter with the necessary certificates and affidavits.

      Proof-read the letter

      It goes without saying that you have to proof-read the letter and weed it of any grammatical errors before submitting the same to the panel. The purpose of a step of this kind is to eliminate any issues that may water down the seriousness of the letter and up your chances of getting it to sail through successfully.

      Tone of the Letter of Application

      Being an official letter, this one has to be somber and professional in tone. Avoid manipulative language that may be construed to want to force the panel to consider you favorably. Instead, state your desire to work for the said firm and furnish them with the relevant details only.


      We take a look now at some of the frequently asked questions with regards to this particular topic:

      What is the format of the job application?

      The first paragraph should indicate the job you are applying for and the advert you are responding to, if any. In the second paragraph, you should state why exactly you feel qualified for the vacancy and the expectations you shall or intend to meet if picked for the said vacancy.

      What is the best resume format?

      Chronological, it is! This format is the most recommended for experienced job seekers. It focuses on your work history by showcasing your past accomplishments and duties you have ever held. Additionally, it offers more information on your specific professional milestone and achievements.

      What a good CV looks like?

      A good CV has to be written in 10-12 point font size; the headings ought to bear 14-18 points while the page margins are maintained at around 2.5 cm. That is to spread out the writings and make the same clearly legible to the naked eyes.

      What are the two types of application letters?

      There are two main kinds of application letters. These are the solicited and unsolicited applications. The former responds to an earlier job vacancy notice, whereas the latter is used to seek positions that may be but are not yet advertised.

      What are the types of job application letter?

      There are five main kinds of job application letters. These are value proposition letters, networking letters, letters of interest, referral cover letters, and general application letters. Use them appropriately in the course of making an application.

      Our long and in-depth look into the letter of the application comes to an end there. It is our hope now that you have what it takes to appreciate these letters well and draft them well. Is it too much for us to ask you now to implement the insight we have given out?

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