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Free Lease Termination Letter Template | How to Write

A lease termination letter is a formal letter written by either the tenant or the lessor and directed to either party informing them of the impending lease/tenancy termination.

Lease agreement terminations are common occurrences in the everyday lives of many individuals. This usually occurs whenever the tenant needs to move out of a previously rented property or when the lessor/landlord needs their property back for other business or personal engagement. This may be due to varying reasons such as breach of the lease agreement contract by either party or just a genuine, polite request to vacate as a result of new-found better rental property, inability to keep up with the lease agreement requirements, landlord’s request to reclaim his/her property for improvement, selling or renting to family members among several other reasons.

Nonetheless, before termination of a lease agreement, the tenant or the lessor is usually required by law to send a lease termination notice in the form of a letter.

These letters usually present in varying capacities, with some acting as warnings in that failure to rectify the lease agreement/clause being violated will result in lease termination. Similarly, some of them come as notifications of the impending tenancy termination, whereas some usually call for unconditional quits of tenancy regardless. These lease termination letters usually vary from state to state in terms of structure and content. Nonetheless, the failure of a tenant or the lessor to respond to the lease termination letter accordingly and in correspondence, the lease agreement often warrants seeking legal action to solve the issue.

How to Structure Your Lease Termination Letter

These letters usually need to be written perfectly, thus inclusive of all the required data and in a proper format. Therefore, a lease termination letter should be written as follows;

Sender’s Address

This is usually the first section of lease termination letters. It entails the company/individual name, address, contact information, among other relevant information. This is usually vital and should be accurate to ensure that the recipient of the letter knows the exact origins of the notification. It can often be the lessor/tenant’s details.


This section immediately follows and is similarly vital. It usually indicates the date the termination letter was written, thus assisting in record keeping and time determination in terms of the lapsing lease agreement.

Recipient’s data

This is the next section below the date detailing the address of the recipient of the letter. This is inclusive of names, physical addresses, and contact information. This will assist the recipient in confirming that the letter is delivered to the right individual to avoid future grounds for dismissals.


This constitutes the next part of the lease termination letter creating a professional yet polite tone in lease termination letter. This segment thus incorporates a greeting clause to the letter’s recipient starting with, ‘Dear,’ then followed by notations such as Sir/Madam, Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. and if present, you should include the exact name of the lease agreement signed.

The body

This is the next in the structure and constitutes the most vital part of all. It needs to incorporate all the necessary information to ensure that the recipient of the termination letter is properly informed.

For instance, you should start by mentioning the exact purpose of the early lease termination letter, which is to terminate the lease agreement and make sure to mention the exact leased property. Thereafter provide some of the valid reasons for the decision. For further clarification, the next paragraph should be indicative of the lease clause permitting you to terminate the lease.

The next paragraph should indicate the dates the lease agreement will be considered null and void and possibly the date for inspection of the property for damages and the rest. You may indicate the date final date for complete vacation if need be in this segment.

You will then request the tenant for a new address/contact information for the forwarding of the security deposit if the property is vacated while in good condition or if the lease termination letter is directed to the lessor; you may indicate your new address/contact information for completion of these transactions.

Finally, you should apologize for any inconvenience caused by the abrupt lease termination request.

Complimentary close

This is usually situated after the final body paragraph and commonly constitutes words such as “Yours faithfully.” Cordially”, “Sincerely yours,” “Sincerely,” “Respected,” among others, which reassures respect and politeness.


This is the final section in these letters, and they include the sender’s personal contact information and signature for confirmation of the authenticity of the lease termination letter and possible contacting and referencing.

Early Lease Termination Letter

(Sender’s Name)

(Sender’s Address)

(City, State, Zipcode)


(Recipient’s Name)

(Recipient’s Address)

(City, State, Zipcode)

Dear (Sir/Madam, Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (recipient’s name))

This letter is to inform you of my intent to terminate the signed lease agreement dated June 4, 2018, over the apartment block in Woodlands estate. The lease agreement was automatically renewed every three months.

This is because of your violation of our lease agreement clause 2A, which clearly prohibits the sale of drugs within the property premises. This violation has resulted in complaints from other tenants, and as such, I would like you to vacate the premises by October 30, 2020, to provide a way for other suitable tenants.

With this regard, I would like you to provide me with your new address and contact information for further possible contact and refunding of the security deposit in case any amount remains after an inspection of the condition of the property for any damages. Please make sure to sign or respond to receiving this letter.

I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this letter and feel free to contact me for further inquiries about the lease agreement termination.


(Sender’s Name)

(Sender’s email address)

(Sender’s phone number)

(Sender’s Signature)

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    Tips for Writing a Perfect Lease Termination Letter

    Following some of the following tips will further make your letter perfect with limited writing mistakes and a complete message relay to the recipient.

    • Follow the proper formal letter format as these letters are usually written in an official communication capacity.
    • Make sure to be precise in your writing and to the point and avoid long descriptive paragraphs.
    • Always ensure that you read the lease agreement, landlord-tenant laws in your state, and your rights as an individual before drafting these letters.
    • Often use certified mail if the letter is not sent through normal mail or delivered in person.
    • Timely writing and delivery of the letter are also important to give the recipient ample time to prepare for the lease termination news.


    Provided above samples will help you in writing a lease termination letter as per requirements. The best practice is to study all samples thoroughly to come up with the right words and terms.

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