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11+ Valentine’s Day Menu Templates

The holiday of love, that’s what we call Valentine’s day. Originally it was a holiday that celebrated St. Valentine, who spread the Catholic faith to some of the most unloved people of his time. Over the centuries, it slowly developed to the holiday that we have today, which is one of the greatest holidays of all time.

Valentine’s day attracts a lot of sales in local stores, market stores, but even more importantly, restaurants. My wife and me go out to at least two restaurants every Valentine’s day, one for breakfast and one that we make reservations for dinner. We pick the places to go based on price, food, service, and design. Design is probably the biggest factor in all of these because the date is supposed to be about her and me, and what we will enjoy together. In fact, the holidays are the only time that design is more important to us than anything else.

One thing that every restaurant needs to have if celebrating Valentine’s Day is a good menu. This is part of the decorative design that plays into the beauty of a romantic dinner. Nothing is a bigger let down than having candles, soft music, and a beautifully set table only to have a menu that is bland and off topic. In fact, with my wife and me, we have found that menu’s that have designs involving love and partnership, as well as cute names for the food, have been some of the best experiences for the holiday we have had.

That is why enclosed, are some Valentine’s day menu templates. I know how important it is to have that design. I know that your restaurant will pull in many other couples like my wife and me. In fact, there are millions of couples in the world like my wife and me. Humans are animals of senses. We choose things based on what is pleasing to our senses. Sight is one of the greatest of these. As we developed into the creatures we are today, sight became an important part of our survival. It let us know where danger was, what was and was not poisonous, and where our little ones were. Our brains grew and evolved into what they are today because of our ability to see.

Over the centuries, we made new ways to keep our minds from getting bored and one of those ways was through the arts which was greatly influenced by our sight. We became, through natural processes, attracted to things that appear more beautiful to us.

When cultures started to develop the human race then designated certain types of art to certain ceremonies and important days. People then became more attracted to places that offered those art works in greater number and beauty. Think about it, which normally appears to draw in more people? The St. Patrick’s day parade in New York City, or the one in Lexington, Kentucky? You may have never heard of the one in Lexington, and that is because it is not as grand as the one in New York.

All this is important and relates because it goes to show the importance of design. If a place takes more time for design, which includes the menus, than it will attract more people there. So attached are some great ideas for some Valentine Day menus.

These Valentine’s Day menu templates are beautiful and fit perfectly with the holiday spirit. The templates have been designed just for your restaurant, and they are sure to bring in customers who want to celebrate the holiday of love in style.

I am pleased that you are willing to take the time and effort to read through this and consider one of these Valentine’s day menu templates!


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