Free Wedding To-Do List Templates (12 Months before Wedding)

Weddings for sure are the greatest part of any relationship. The climax of every relationship should be crowned by a unique marriage vow in a wedding ceremony, where you start a new life as a husband and wife. This ceremony has remained the most significant part of the human’s way of life from way back in history, thus at the beginning of the world as we know it.

It is actually said that the next thing to salvation or a believer in the existence of a supernatural being is the existence of a marriage institution in life. This means that the day when you get into this marriage institution should be unique and unforgettable. Therefore a wedding is that memorable time, when you get to make the vows and promises to each other and head of for the happily ever after.

Nevertheless, before you get to that point of the actual wedding, the planning of your wedding to-do list is what dictates the memorability of that grand day. It is with every detailed plan of the wedding to-do list that determines if you are to have a good or bad event. Realistically wedding preparations should begin from 12 months before the D-day. One might wonder what they will be doing in 12 months before the wedding, or how to start planning this early.

Well, it might seem early but if you want a brilliant colorful wedding. With everything in place at the right time then you will need to have a wedding to-do list as early as 12 months prior to the wedding day.

In the wedding to-do list, there are a lot of responsibilities and activities that practically need to be conducted in preparation for the wedding day. Here below we provide you with a tentative wedding to-do list for a preparation activities countdown.

Twelve to Ten Months Before the Wedding

The first section of the wedding to-do list is 12 to 10 months prior to the wedding. Things that are needed to be done in this tenure are:

  • At this point, you have basically done nothing. This is when you are starting to plan using the wedding to-do list. The first thing you will want to do is have a wedding book, folder, or binder. This will help you be organized always since all the wedding details will be written here.
  • It is of utmost importance to start with thinking of a tentative budget to work with and with this one, you can go adding or subtracting it as need be. But it is advisable to have an idea of what cost of a wedding you are planning to have. Use this wedding budget planner template to give yourself ease.
  • Pick the date of the wedding. When doing this consider different things like the season and the expected weather. So that you don’t make the mistake to put a date on a rainy season yet you planning for a garden wedding or beach wedding party in a stormy season.
  • Go through wedding journals, blogs, and magazines to get an idea of the perfect venue. Once you’ve had enough, decide on one and book it. The venue booking is necessary since weddings happen all year, round the clock so you might find all the best places booked if you don’t plan early.
  • Choose your bridal party. This is one of the tough decisions you will have to make during this time. You will have to decide who among your friends will get to stand next to you at the altar. You will also have to decide how many bridesmaids you want to have.
  • If you want to have a wedding planner help you plan your wedding, this is the time to look for one. Be wise. Look at the activities you plan to undertake if they will way you down then you can get a wedding planner or if you want someone who can ensure all activities are well planned then a wedding planner comes in handy.
  • Every other detail of the wedding should be at the research stage. You know, the caterer, the photographer, the accessories… at this point, do not make a decision on the details. Take your time to look around. This way you will end up with the best ideas.
  • Start about thinking of a honeymoon destination too. Maybe look at the frequent best-known honeymoon destination around the world to get a slight idea(s). It helps to discover places you could never imagine could be romantic around the world. Again stay along with your budget when thinking about this part.

Nine to Six Months Before the Wedding

The next section for a perfect wedding to-do list consists of the tasks that are needed to be done 9 to 6 months before the wedding. These tasks are listed as:

  • At this point from your wedding to-do list, you have an idea of what you want your wedding to be like. Communicate with your bridesmaids; tell them of the colors and design of dress you would like them to wear. Let them see sample either online or from a tailor or a store outlet
  • Meet and interview everyone you would like to hire during your wedding… the caterers, the florist, the photographer, entertainers… it is good to look at their documented work as part of the interview to see what kind of people you will be dealing with
  • Book for the priest. If counseling is a must before the priest can marry you, start it at this point.
  • Go buy your wedding gown. If it is to be tailored start now. This way, you will have time to look for shoes and accessories to go with your dress and if it needs to be adjusted, adjust it.
  • The bride’s maids should also buy their dresses during this period. That means if they are going to be getting ready-made dresses or going for a fit-out Customized dressing.
  • Start making your guest list. Please note that the guest list will keep evolving as time goes by. Get help with this. It can be stressful and overwhelming. At this point, you tend to forget very important people in your life when making the list thus having your closest friend or family to help you make the guest list would be advisable.

Five to Three Months to the Wedding

The tasks that are needed to be done by the 5th to 3rd month before the wedding are as follow:

  • At this point, you have decided on which service provider you would rather work with. Now, hire them. Give them all the details of the wedding and of course the deadlines. This will help you do things at the right time and avoid rushing over details.
  • Work closely with the service providers you hired to make sure that everything is going as planned.
  • Plan for your rehearsal dinner.
  • Book and hire transportation that you will need on that day.
  • Make sleeping arrangements for the out of town guests. If you don’t have relatives and friends who can host them, book them a hotel.
  • Send out your wedding invitations. Using the list that has been already made for the expected guess, making invitations becomes an easy task. These wedding invitation tips may be helpful.
  • Shop for accessories and shoes. By now you should have a rough idea of the kind of accessories you want for your bride’s maids and for yourself. Still under the budget now you can go shopping for the accessories

Two Months Before the Wedding

The wedding to-do list before two months before the wedding contain the following things to be done:

  • Finalize the details with all your service providers. Make sure everything is just perfect.
  • Find out the necessary requirements for the wedding certificates. Start the process of getting them. If you are planning to have some fake certificates then these wedding certificate templates may be helpful.
  • Meet with the priest. Not for counseling this time, but to give him a rough idea of the day’s Program. Fill him in on the wedding details.
  • At this point, basically, everything is planned for a catered for. Now, take care of the minute details. You know your undergarments, your surprise gift, your vows….
  • Make a list of those who will make a speech at the reception and give them a heads up.

A Month Before the Wedding

The next section contains one of the most important tasks of the whole event. The wedding to-do list for this will be:

  • Concentrate on yourself; go through your beauty therapy. There is no point in having the perfect wedding when you are not satisfied with what you look like.
  • Enter the list of those who have RSVP to your invitations into your wedding database and hunt down those who haven’t.
  • You also need to pick up your certificates.
  • It is also wise to put together an emergency kit for that day. You know, in case of an emergency.
  • Go through the details- just to make sure everyone is getting it right.
  • Go Pick up the rings and confirm. Proofread the engravings.

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

Two weeks before the wedding is the time to re-check things and get the small tasks done. The wedding to-do list section for this section will be as:

  • Do another dress fitting for you and your maids. Make sure you are comfortable in that dress. It’s going to be a long day.
  • Facials and massage would come in handy at this point.
  • You can as well start packing for your honeymoon. Know what research what to carry or not to carry for the honeymoon bearing in mind that it is a time for both of you and nothing else. So don’t bother with a heavy luggage plan.
  • From here the rest of the work is left entirely to the wedding planner or the one in charge of the wedding event when you are in your best on the D-day,
  • Take a lot of time to relax and go for relaxing activities like massage therapies, this will help reduce stress and tension
  • At this point your wedding to-do list is also most accomplished, the only thing you need is to keep checking on every point in the list and checking what done and what’s not done yet.

The Day Before the Wedding

The day before the wedding is one of the most anxious days a person can experience. In order to avoid nervousness and mismanagement, check the following wedding to-do list section:

  • Remember, at this point, there is nothing much you can change. The only thing you can do is figure out is each item on the wedding to-do list as been met mostly the payment of the service providers, or just confirming if the wedding planner has taken care of it.
  • Enjoy the day with the maids doing mani-Pedi-cure with them.
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner and try to go to bed early. You do not want to look tired on your wedding day.

The Day is Here

Well! It is your wedding day, for the bride and the bridegroom, nothing else matters more than you on that day in time.

  • Wake up in the morning and dress up with the help of your maids or your designer. Check time but don’t rush yourself or anyone for that matter. Let that work be for the appointed best man or best woman.
  • Clear your mind and think about no other plans and what hasn’t been done. Just be that couple waiting to speak your vows.
  • Say your vows and make your rounds greeting people and acknowledging their coming. Take photos and be a happy moment for everyone at the wedding ceremony.
  • The wedding supper or dinner be at your best, probably in a wedding dinner outfit, not the wedding gown
  • Then slowly keep letting go of the crowd’s attention and be there for your mate for the rest of the day/night.

Honeymoon and Back

Well! This was already planned a month early so it just getting yourself there right after the wedding. Here we don’t speak much about it, but it is just you and your partner and love.

  • It is after the honeymoon that you can come and check back that everything went in order like payment to vendors and wedding planners. Then remember to thank everyone else that came to the wedding through a Thank-You Card.
  • Then go on living in love as one, now.

Free Wedding To-Do List Templates

Following are the free wedding to-do list templates for you:


ultimate wedding magazine

complete wedding checklist

simple wedding checklist

printable wedding checklist

wedding checklist pdf

diy wedding checklist

    Final Words

    After the wedding is done, and you have gone for the honeymoon and back, you will find that the only thing that made your wedding practically successful was the wedding to-do list. We understand in such a time when you are excited and overwhelmed by the things you want or need to do for your wedding, you tend to forget many things unintentionally, that is if you don’t make use of the wedding to-do list.

    It is therefore of great importance that you adopt a wedding to-do list, 12 months prior to the wedding day, and start working your way towards the ceremony and be rest assured you will not forget any detail for that day. The wedding to-do list is the guide to your perfect wedding day.

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