16 Best Travel Resume Templates – Examples – (Guide & Tips)

Suppose you like to travel, to know new places, people, and cultures. You can find in the profession of tour guide a job full of surprises and much personal enrichment. There are three types of tour guides, the first one being the local guide. This is the professional who will go with people on their excursions, tours, and trips. He can act as a regional guide in the state in which he resides. He knows the details of his city, region, historical references, customs, curiosities. This type of guide usually works in restricted areas, where you can only go with special access.

There is also the national travel guide. He has vast information about the various cities, tourist spots, and cultural attractions. Moreover, he also has the skills to manage tourists. Finally, there is an international guide. He is one who may operate in several countries across the globe and knows many languages.

For the travel agent jobs, the recruiter usually receives a significant amount of travel agent resumes for a specific job opportunity. At this first moment, he has a duty to make a pre-selection of a limited number of candidates to follow in the selection process, only evaluating the travel agent resumes and without contacting the candidates. In this way, we see the importance of the candidate properly formatting their travel agent resume.

What does a tourist guide do?

  • Accompany and guide one or more people who are traveling, whether on excursions or not, on national or international trips;
  • Present the sights and sights, offering historical information and curiosities;
  • Master historical, geographical and cultural aspects;
  • Offer logistical support, in the embarkation and disembarkation, and in the creation of a route;
  • Organize activities that relate to the profile of travelers;
  • Work to maintain order in groups during the trip;
  • Guide tourists about the preservation and the responsibility of taking care of the cultural sites;
  • Provide support in cases of emergency and first aid;
  • Be familiar with air, road, sea, river, and rail transport procedures.

Skills to Mention in Resume

The ‘travel agent resume’ needs to be formatted clearly and objectively. Your language should be direct, providing relevant information to the recruiter. Remember that saying that a resume with one or more sheets is automatically rejected is not a myth. So remember that the secret is not the quantity of information but quality. Always be objective and consistent.

When it comes to skills and personality, it is important to have an open, dynamic, but quiet character, the mastery of the language and communication skills become fundamental to this profession.

  • You must have creativity;
  • It’s a differential to be humorous;
  • Know how to deal with the public;
  • Be patient;
  • Have charisma;
  • Common sense and impartiality;
  • Be easy to communicate;
  • Often it is necessary to have knowledge of rescue, first aid, and fire control;
  • Mastering other languages will increase the area of activity;
  • Know history in general;
  • Have the ability to discuss with different opinions;
  • Availability to travel on holidays, holidays, and weekends.

Previous experience

This, despite being decisive, will always have a certain value, but experience in the world related to customer service, group management, and organizational topics is also taken into account.

Sometimes, even private partnerships or associations that co-organize their own trips can be the target of anyone seeking a vacancy as a guide.

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Best Travel Resume Templates

Following are some of the best travel resume templates:







    Travel Job Resume Template 14

    This is a 2-page functional travel guide resume template with beautiful design against a white background. Like other functional accountant resume templates, you can also add a photo in it!

    Travel Job Resume Template 15

    This is a clean chronological travel guide resume template. All the critical information is mentioned in chronological order against a white background with an option to add a photo in it!

    Travel Job Resume Template 16

    This is a 2-page travel guide resume template with an elegant, functional design against a white background. This kind of template is best for travel positions!

    Travel Job Resume Template 17

    This is a clean travel guide resume template with simple design against a white background, but like the majority of other clean resume templates, you cannot add a photo in it!

      Travel Job Resume Template 07

      This is a 2-page functional travel guide resume template with a catchy design. You can add your all information in it without having to worry about the space and that too without compromising the photo!

      Travel Job Resume Template 08

      This travel guide template is simplistic in its design without any flashy colors or infographics. Unlike some of the other simple resume templates, you can add a photo to it!

      Travel Job Resume Template 09

      This is a clean travel guide resume template with a simple design against a white background, but unlike the majority of other clean resume templates, you can add a photo in it!

      Travel Job Resume Template 10

      This is a simple maximalist travel guide resume template. Unlike some other simple templates, in this resume, not only you can add a photo, but you can add all your details in it!

      Travel Job Resume Template 11

      This is another clean combined travel guide resume template with a simple design against a white background. This type of clean travel guide resume template is best for a travel guide position!

      Travel Job Resume Template 12

      This is a maximalist travel guide resume template with beautiful design and infographic objects. It has a simple white background, which makes the texts and infographic objects visible!

      Travel Job Resume Template 13

      This is a neat travel guide resume template against a white background. Unlike other neat templates, you can actually add your photo. This type of template is best for all kinds of travel-related positions!


        When we say appropriate, it means that the travel agent’s resume must clearly present the skills, experiences, training, and qualifications of the candidate. That is, if the resume was prepared specifically for this opportunity, the chances of the candidate standing out would increase significantly. It is of fundamental importance to use a language compatible with the information of the requirements, maintaining only the information that will add value to your travel agent resume.

        We hope that our guide and travel agent resume templates will help in getting your dream travel guide job. We have also created tons of other resources to help you increase your productivity, and to further advance your career!

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