Make a Perfect To-Do List (Free Templates)

You arrive to work ????, you don’t even sit at your desk and WhatsApp, Slack and your email are already calling you on your smartphone… ????

He barely put out some fires ???? and decided to check his inbox… Between one message and another and a few escapes to take a look at Instagram you notice that it is already 11:30…

The morning is almost over and you haven’t done any of your chores yet!

Very calm at that time! We have the solution for you. Find out how to make a list of daily tasks that will be the guide for your workday!

How to make a to-do-list (9 rules)

Managing daily tasks is more important than many realize.

Thinking about your company’s growth strategy and managing the team is important. But the execution of its activities also needs attention.

Otherwise, you will be stuck, unable to move forward with these operational measures that every company needs.

Therefore, we present this tutorial on how to make a list of daily tasks in 9 steps. You will see that, after these tips, it will be much easier to manage tasks.

1- Make the list at the end of the day

By creating your daily to-do list at the end of the day, you’ll be sending a message to your brain: we’re done for today!

This is important. Because, thus, you will be preparing for a period of rest or leisure, to enjoy friends and family, or even go to the gym.

And by making a list of everything that needs to be done the next day, you will get rid of those worries. Get it out of your head, literally, and put it on paper.

This activity cannot be stressful and should not take more than 15 minutes at most.

If not, you will not be able to relax.

2- List absolutely everything you need to do the next day

You will not be able to do everything. Keep that in mind. But make the list as complete as you can.

For now, you are not marking the order in which you are going to do it or the times. Just make a very complete list of the next day’s tasks (only the next day!).

3- Define which are the most boring and laborious tasks

Some tasks you like to do and are easier. Others are boring and laborious. Check next to each one, in ascending order, the most unpleasant ones.

The goal here is to start your day with the most terrible ones!

It may seem strange, but in the morning, you are more willing and energized. Thus, you can face these “bone” tasks with determination.

As your energy and motivation decrease, you start to do what you like. Furthermore, just getting rid of the hard work will also make you more motivated.

4- Set priorities

But calm down! You can use more than one criterion to set priorities and you may have to take this into account when ordering your tasks.

One of the easiest ways to define what a priority in a daily task list is to use the Eisenhower matrix. We already talked about it here on the blog, see a summary of the following rules:

Is the task important and urgent? Do it yourself, now!

The task is important, but is it not urgent? Mark your calendar when you are going to do it.

The task is not important, but is it urgent? Delegate to someone else to do it immediately.

Is the task neither important nor urgent? Forget!

5- Rewrite the list taking into account the two criteria above

Now that you have several criteria for sorting your daily task list, do it!

Put in order where you will start and what will be the last things you will think of doing.

6- Do not set strict delivery times!

Of course, if you have meetings or a lunch with friends, this will have a certain time.

But avoid becoming a slave to the clock. Even because, some tasks that seemed fast can end up getting complicated or interrupted by others that come by surprise.

More or less define what you want to do before and after lunch. That is enough.

7- Strike out whatever you are doing

This is very important! The pleasure of crossing out a completed task makes you feel better and more motivated. Scratch the finished one and get that worry out of your head!

8- Don’t be afraid to change the order or add new tasks

Your list of daily tasks should not be a source of stress. In fact, it is meant to relieve you.

Did something new come up? Missing information to complete a task? Will anything take longer than it looked? Got stuck in a useless meeting?

Rearrange your priorities and remember what we talked about in step 2: you may not be able to complete everything you planned!

9- Check out what’s left, add new activities, and prepare the list for tomorrow!

Has the end of the day arrived and there are still tasks on the list? That happens.

Write the new list for the next day and find a place on it for these activities.

This way, by writing your list every day at the end of work, you are better organized and play your duties more calmly.

EXTRA TIP: do not keep checking email or cell phone notifications

If you stop every 10 minutes to respond to an email or notification on Slack, your work will not progress.

Check these communications at fixed times and don’t start doing something that was asked of you right away. Follow your to-do list and add more, if it’s really important and urgent.

The ideal is to check messages 4 times a day. And the first, only after 1 hour arrived at work.

Free Templates

You can also download our FREE editable templates to create and manage to-do-list more easily and in a time-effective manner. They will help you to increase your productivity and accomplish your daily tasks in an efficient way!



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    In the end, as you will have noticed, it is not a question of “doing everything there is to do”, but of doing things correctly. That is to say, prioritize what is really important to you, by measuring your efforts and by intersecting these tasks with moments of breaks.

    Calling a friend, walking a few minutes after lunch will cut the monotony that sets in, these are not important tasks but they invigorate you and allow you to end the day serenely.

    A well-designed to-do list will guide you through your day. Hopefully, these productivity tips will help you the next time you start building your daily plan. Ultimately, it all depends on what works best for you try different methods to find the planning system that offers the highest level of productivity.

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