Temporary to Permanent Employment Request Letter (with Examples)

A temporary to permanent employment request letter is an official letter written by an employee who would like to upgrade from a temporary position to a permanent role in an organization. A permanent employment request letter is your chance to impress the hiring manager. The letter brands you as an employee with the needed skills to be a permanent employee within the organization.

It is possible to you might have filled out forms to apply for the position already. Nevertheless, this letter functions as a good introduction and indicates your level of seriousness about the position. The letter highlights your role and varied experience within the organization. Hence, your veteran status can escape being questioned despite the intense competition.

Components (What to Include)

The main components that must be included in a temporary to permanent employment request letter are as follows;

Contact information

It is important to include your email, phone numbers, and business extensions if necessary in your temp to permanent employment request letter. This presents your employers with an array of communication options, which is very good.

Duration of service

The fact that your boss or hiring manager may have no idea that you are currently a temporary worker in the organization is why you must give full detail of your duration of service as a temporary employee within the organization, the departments you have worked with, and the role you played.

Skills and expertise

It is your chance to impress him and prove that you already possess the needed skills thanks to your being a part of their organization as a temporary employee. Emphasize how this would save the company’s time and effort because you already have the needed training. Regardless of if you already filled the document to apply for the position, this letter remains the perfect of introducing yourself to the hiring officer. It also shows your desire for a permanent role within the company.

Tip to consider: Federal agency temporary to permanent employment often comes with more paperwork than others. Hence, if you are applying it might not be easy to transition into a permanent officer because a temporary employee does not have the same status as a permanent employee. Also, you have to compete with individuals who own previous federal appointment experiences.

Temporary v/s Permanent Employment Letter

A permanent position has no expiry date on employment and benefits package. A letter issued for such employment is called a permanent employment letter.

On the other hand, when a job’s status is temporary (comes with a defined duration or maturity period) a temporary employment letter is issued.

Some temporary employment comes with benefits packages. However, they can be terminated at any time by your superior.

Request Letter Template

Mr. A. Employee

1, My House

Any Street

Your Town

PO57 3DE


Mrs. A. Manager

The Company

Company’s Location

PO57 3DE

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with great interest that I write to be considered for the position of [name the position] permanently. Attached is my updated resume detailing my accomplishments and skills.

My current contract as a [state the position] comes to an end in a matter of weeks and I am looking forward to securing the permanent role advertised by [name of company].

Thanks to research, I have realized your company’s vision and mine are related and I would appreciate the opportunity of being a part of those that made it happen. I am open to discussing this or any other permanent employment opportunities in your organization further.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to a positive response.

Best Regards

[First and Last Name]

Request Letter Samples

Sample letter 01:

James Perry

123 Main Street,

ABD town,

CA 12345,



December 1, 2020

Melinda Ashley

Chief Brand Manager

Pearson Associates

222 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Ashley,

It gives me great joy to discover that HR would be interested in application for permanent brand manager. I have worked as temporary employee for the last 8 months and I strongly wish to be a part of Tudac Associates as a permanent employee. Kindly review the attached resume below..

Before moving to ABD last summer, I worked as a brand manager at Tudac Associate (the Bigville branch) for two years. My experiences included brand marketing, promotion, and inventory control.

Working at Tudac Associate has been very rewarding, and I would appreciate the opportunity to become one of your permanent employee. I am sure both my previous experience and the dedication I have shown as a temporary employee make me an ideal candidate for the open position.

Best Regards,

James Perry

Sample letter 02:

Edward Lancelot

999 Main Street

Anytown, CA 125



September 1, 2018

Bradford Jason

Marketing Manager

Zicon International

444 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 33334

Dear Mr. Jason,

We both know, I have been a contract worker for the Zicon International for the last three years. I have a strong interest in the permanent marketing position that was recently listed on the company’s website.

Before moving to Anytown midway into winter, I worked in the marketing department o f adon Associates, where I was responsible for digital and social media marketing of the company. In a role very similar to the open position, I performed market analysis, and reported the success of every campaign.

Working at Zicon International has been rewarding (professionally and personally), and I would appreciate the opportunity to become a permanent staff. I believe that my previous experience and the accomplishments as a contractor employee make me an excellent candidate for the open position.

Kindly review my resume below.

If there will be a need for further information, please notify me.

Best Regards,

Edward Lancelot

Free Templates

We have several more templates available for you here . You can download them to enjoy more success in your ambition.






    Does temporary employment look bad on a resume?

    No, it does not. Instead, it presents you as a strong candidate with experience, good work ethics, and an understanding of how the organization operates.

    Is temp to hire worth it?

    The fact that temp to hire is becoming a trend for organizations should give you a good idea of how valuable it is. It is an avenue to employ a person with little to no experience and watch how he develops. Most temporary workers have a very good chance of landing permanent gigs in the nearest future.

    Final Words

    Although there are some drawbacks to temp to permanent roles, with the chief problem being that most resumes are screened by bots, its benefits outweigh its worries. As a temporary worker looking to seal a permanent role, you have a better chance of landing the role of your temp to permanent employment request letter gives the right first impression. What are you waiting for?  We think it is time you summon the courage to request that permanent seat at the table.

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