Spring House Cleaning Ultimate Checklists

It is essential to divide the chores and, therefore, we have gathered tips in a checklist of spring cleanings. There are few spring rituals that are more satisfying than performing “that” deeper annual cleansing. Some of us reserve weekends for household chores, others have availability for the house on a daily basis, but there are still those who can only manage everything, little by little, at the end of a working day.

Cleaning the house from top to bottom can never seem like an easy task, but be aware that it is possible to make this small personal project into something more organized and even more pleasant. Doubt?

6 Advantages of Following a Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. A task list makes everything more organized;
  2. Printing the checklist gives you an overview of everything that needs to be done.
  3. Making a list allows you to foresee the need to purchase materials and products necessary for cleaning, which are missing from the pantry;
  4. You will realize when creating your checklist if you will need to take special care during the process: separate clothes for donation, separate pieces for stain removal, treat stored fabrics that need special care … These are some examples;
  5. A well-organized list allows you to manage the cleanings: where to start, how much time to set aside and if you will need help from other family members;
  6. Without a checklist, you are more likely to forget key tasks for deeper annual cleaning – the bathroom cabinet or bedside table drawers can, for example, fail.

Tip: After reading the tips we leave below, you should adapt the tasks to your home.

The tips described below refer to the basic techniques that can help you with spring cleaning of any surface, object, or space in your home.

Springhouse Cleaning Quick Checklist

  1. Washing garbage baskets
  2. Vacuuming carpets
  3. Cleaning mirrors and window glass
  4. Polishing furniture
  5. Dusting furniture
  6. Washing curtains
  7. Vacuuming armchairs and sofas
  8. Washing pillow covers
  9. Clean the fridge and freezer
  10. Clean the interior of the cupboards
  11. Check the validity of the food in the pantry
  12. Organize the wardrobes
  13. Change the pillows
  14. Flip the mattress
  15. Wash the bathroom box
  16. Clean the bathroom and kitchen tiles
  17. Cleaning doors, jambs, and baseboards
  18. Cleaning the washing machine

Cleaning From A To Z

  • Clean walls and ceilings

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Use a degreaser (without solvent in the formula) to combat persistent dirt on surfaces, which predominates, especially in kitchens.

Test in a small area first to ensure that it does not damage the surface. Deeper cleaning of spaces: check!

  • Remove stains and mold from the masses of surfaces and walls

The cement-based material that glues the floor, kitchen counter, or bathtub, for example, is extremely porous and easily stains.

To prevent gain or darkened mold, bet a sealant to penetrate into the mortar. Ideally, apply it with a brush, carefully.

  • Books and shelves

To start, remove everything from the shelves and use a duster to remove dust, including books. Use a dust brush or vacuum cleaner with the right tool to reach the most difficult points.

Wipe the covers of leather-bound books with a clean, soft cloth.

  • Cleaning upholstered furniture

Take the pillows and tap gently with your hands to remove the accumulated dust. If there are stains on the covers, check the care labels before washing.

To clean the pads deeply, use the vacuum cleaner. Do the same with the seat and back of the sofas, armchairs, and upholstered chairs.

  • Metal doors and stained window hardware

Moistening a cloth with liquid polishing products works quite well on medium stained surfaces, while cream and paste products are more suitable for heavier jobs.

If the stain does not come out, bet on a stronger product.

  • Clean the most hidden dust

This is one of the most important tasks of spring cleaning, which also helps in the prevention or control of allergies.

Also, dust off hard-to-reach places, such as window hardware, for example. Always work from top to bottom, vacuuming the dust that is deposited on the floor.

  • Wooden furniture

Clean wooden surfaces with a soft cloth moistened with water and a mild detergent. You can apply a little wax to polish it with a clean cloth after drying.

  • Tips for having clean windows

Many curtains are machine washable, just check the label or have already done it at the time of purchase. If in doubt, ask for professional advice in a laundry, for example.

To clean the metallic blinds, use only a mixture of water and mild detergent.

  • Vinyl and linoleum floors

Vinyl and linoleum floors that have lost their shine should be waxed with a polish specially formulated for this type of surface.

Most stone and tile floors, in turn, can be treated with a special paste or liquid wax for the material.

Download FREE Spring House Cleaning Checklists

Open the windows, put your favorite songs on and play, and call the family to make the tasks more fun. Want a little help? Just follow the checklist above. If you prefer, download, print and fix our FREE printable spring house cleaning checklists and start following it 😉





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