A Quick Guide on Writing a Professional Business Letter

There are many people who are required in their professional capacity on writing a professional business letter. Fortunately over the years a format was developed which can be easily adopted by most people and which can then be used in most kinds of business letters. One of the most important things when it comes to business letters is to include the date when that letter has been written.

There should also be sufficient information about both the sender and also the recipient and naturally there should be the main body of the letter which would include information which the sender wishes to communicate. Under most conditions this format will be more than sufficient to fit the standards of most corporations.

The content in each letter might differ but when you are following the business standards which has been accepted by most industries then you should not encounter any problems. When writing business letters it is accepted practice to have those letters typed and it is also important to stick with those fonts which has become standard as far as business letters is concerned such as Times new Roman or Arial. Another good practice is to make use of block paragraphing which simply means that when you start a new paragraph you need to press enter twice but just remember never to use indenting for block paragraphs. Most business letters will employ 1 inch margins on all sides and this will also apply to emails and all business letters should only be in black and white.

Choose a Correct Paper for Letter

The preferred size should always be 8.5” x 11” which is always referred to as letter size. The only exception will be when you find yourself outside the US and then it is acceptable to use A4 size paper. Other exceptions which is sometimes encountered is those for legal size documents and they will be printed on 8.5” x 14”. Something else to remember when printing a business letter which has to be sent to a recipient will be to print the letter on the company letterhead. The reason for this is simple, it simply looks more professional and mostly such a letter eight will include the contact information as well as the company logo. As much information as possible should be given about your company and this should include the name of your company and also the address where your company is located. These two pieces of information should be written on a different line. It is always better to use an official company letter head instead of typing the information. A most cases when the address is stated out on a business letter it should always appear at the top of the page either on the left or right side depending on the preference of your company. It should always be remembered in the event of international communication to type out the country in capital letters. The writing of a professional business letter sometimes require professional assistance but fortunately there are many free business letter writing guides and samples available online like the one on academichelp.net.

Don’t Forget this Date

It is always better to write out the date on which the document has been prepared in full. This is not only more professional but it’s also the correct way in which to do this. The accepted format is to place the date on the left and side of the document just below the sender’s address. If writing that business letter has been a lengthy process then it is accepted practice to use the date on which the letter has been completed. When writing a business letter it is important to include the recipient’s information and it is always best to write out the full name and the title of the recipient, including the company name and address. Each separate piece of information should be placed on a separate line. If there is a reference number available for that communication then this information should also be included. The accepted format is to include this information on the left a few lines below the date. Person to person communication is always better and therefore the accepted standard is to address your business letter to a specific recipient. This will ensure that you will get a response from an actual person. It should mostly be a simple process to obtain the name of your chosen recipient if it is not already known. You could visit the website of the recipient company or simply phone their reception desk for the necessary information.

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Close with Inclusion of a Special Salutation

One of the best ways in order to convey an indication of respect will always be to use a suitable salutation. However such a salutation will always depend on your relationship with the recipient. This will determine the level of formality which will be used in that salutation. If you are not personally acquainted with the recipient then simply use, To Whom It May Concern but when the recipient is relatively well known to you, you could say dear Sir or Madam. However if there is a more intimate relationship between you and the recipient such as a long and dear friendship you may use something like Dear John. Sometimes this sender may not actually know the gender of the recipient and then it is mostly a safe option to type out the full name of the recipient. Business letters when used correctly can really help to ensure that your business is known as a respectable establishment that is always making sure of displaying respect towards business partners and other entities.