Proof of Employment Letter (How to Write) with Examples

As an employee, you will certainly need proof of employment letter for various reasons. For instance, your financial institution may want to verify your employment status before giving you any financial aid. Your landlord may also want to know your financial capability to pay rent promptly before letting you in their apartments. Similarly, an insurance company may want to confirm that indeed you’ve worked for a specific company before giving you any compensation. With these and many more examples, proof of employment letter is the only document that will come to your rescue.

What is a Proof of Employment Letter?

A Proof of Employment Letter, also known as an employment verification letter, is a document written by an employee’s employer confirming their employment status with the company. Usually, these letters are often required when someone is opening a new bank account, requesting a loan, getting an insurance cover, renting a property, or any other related reasons. When crafting these letters, employees should always be careful not to include things that may lead to potential liability. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through some of the critical things you need to know.

How to request for a proof of employment letter

Proof of employment letters is usually issued by employers. Experts always advise that when requesting for the letters, it’s vital to do it in a professional way. Usually, different companies do have a unique rule and policies governing the issuance of the letter. As such, you need to take your time and go through the company’s policies to ensure you remain relevant and professional. On many occasions, the human resource department will offer you a template to fill or compose the letter for you. More importantly, it’s advisable that you inform the employer of the type of information you want to include in the letter.

Things to Avoid when Writing a Proof of Employment Letter

If you are tasked with writing an employment verification letter, there are certain things you should refrain from mentioning. This is a big responsibility; hence you need to choose your words wisely. Therefore, the following are some things you need to avoid.

  • Avoid exaggerating your income
  • Don’t mention personal details such as Sexual orientation, Health status, Ethnicity, Race, and Religion
  • Do not mention Personal life and plans
  • Do not inflate your responsibilities at work

How do you write a proof of employment letter?

Every employer is always obligated to provide their employees a proof of employment letter whenever they request it. While many employers find this a big and challenging task, some may get worried about where to begin in the first place. Therefore, the following step-by-step guides will help you craft a compelling letter easily whenever the need arises.

Start with the company letterhead

In your beginning, you can include either the company’s logo or the letterhead. Also, make sure you indicate the company’s name, address, contact details, and fax (not a must). One reason why you should include either the letterhead or the logo is to make your letter more legitimate and trustworthy.

Date of writing

After the letterhead, make sure you skip a line before including the date of writing. However, this only applies in printed or handwritten letters. For the email letters, the date will present itself digitally.

Addressee details

This will include the recipient’s name, address, and contact information. In this case, the addressee will be the third party requesting the proof of employment from the employee. This can either be the bank institution, landlord, and insurance providers, among others.


Just like any other formal letter, you need to use appropriate forms of salutation. Preferably, you need to use ‘Dear’ or ‘Hello,’ followed by the recipient’s name. However, though not recommended, you can use ‘to whom it may concern.’

Introduction paragraph

Introduce your letter by explaining who you are and why you are credible for writing the letter. For instance, you can mention that you are the supervisor, manager, or human resource.

Body paragraphs

In your letter’s body, you can go ahead and provide full proof of the employee’s employment details. You can mention the date the employee started working with you, their position, condition of the job (whether permanent or temporary), among other necessary details.

Conclusion paragraphs

Before you send your letter, make sure you give a brief summary of the employee’s duties and responsibilities. Also, you can give your contact information. This will help the recipient reach you in case they need further clarifications or concerns regarding the verification. Lastly, sign off your letter using your official signature, your name, job title, and the company’s official stamp if present.

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    Important tips to remember when writing a proof of verification letter

    When writing the proof of employment letter, you will want to consider high levels of professionalism. Therefore, the following are some useful tips that will help you achieve a good letter than meet your employees’ demands and the requesting party.

    • Keep it brief and concise.

    According to experts, the letter should always be limited to at least one page. However, be sure to cover all the essential details about the employee. When the letter is brief and detailed, your employees will highly appreciate your promptness. On the other hand, you will appreciate having a quick process of writing.

    • Write in the first person.

    The proof of employment letters is usually written in the first person tone in your manager’s voice. The first-person tone gives you the opportunity to own your letter.

    Suppose the employee wants to use the letter for the purpose of job transition case, other financial details such as salaries, wages, benefits, and compensations should not be included in the picture.

    • Reread your letter

    Once you are through with the writing, it’s always important that you revisit your piece of work once again. Rereading helps you identify any possible mistakes you did while writing, such as typos, spelling mistakes, letter omissions, to mention a few. 

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