Free Place Card Templates

The Place card template is one of the unique design templates that is popular due to its purpose. Place cards are generally used for space reservations in hotels, weddings, office meetings, or any event for that matter where the reservation of spaces might be needed. Whenever one is hosting an event, function, or party, there might need to have order in the sitting arrangement.

There might also be the need to have guests being made aware of where they will sit immediately they enter the party or the function premises. The Place card template gives a great impression of the host and the function in general. These also help with making the guest feel welcomed and at home due to the feeling of a warm embrace from the start of the event. The Place card template can also be used as a gift dinner to a family where the place card can have customized wishes from the one giving the gifts.

On the other hand, the Place card template becomes an effective tool for communication and organization. This happens when you have a large number of guests attending a function therefore, there is a need to wait for them at the entrance and direct them to their seats. With the Place card template, you only need to have them placed on the tables and given numbers. Then when a guest comes at the entrance, they are sent directly to their allocated tables and seat number where they find their names. The Place card template brings about a whole new level of hospitality.

Free Templates

place card template for word


fold over place card template


Winter Themed Place Card Template


Place Cards for Avery


The beauty about the Place card template is that they are a free printable template that can be accessed online, and then downloaded to be customized and later printed on slightly harder paper than normal to give an allowance of the fold. The Place card template comes in various designs that can be customized to one’s preference. The Place card templates have an allowance slot left for the names and come in different sizes for easy audibility.