6+ Non Disclosure (Confidentiality Agreement) Samples

A lot of people have been told something discreet by a relative or a close friend and asked to keep the information a secret. Keeping the word is always up to you, and the consequences to you may not be harsh. But, if you have worked for a manufacturing company, or with a law firm, before commencing the job, you were let in on some few secrets that under no circumstance should you share with any other unauthorized third parties. After this, the employer and employee sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.

The confidentiality agreement lawfully obliges you to keep the secrets, in which you might even be arrested and charged should you share the information with unauthorized third parties. Businesses globally embrace the use of disclosure agreements as it provides a sure way of keeping critical information like new marketing plans and in-house earnings safe and secure. Below are some non-disclosure agreement samples commonly used.

Volunteer Non-Disclosure Agreement

Often after finishing college or university, while employment opportunities haven’t come around, young individuals looking for places they could volunteer their skills. Whether you volunteer for a manufacturing company, a hospital, or a non-profit organization, chances are you might get to hear or know some of the critical information that keeps them running. Nonetheless, under no circumstance should you share this information with anyone outside the organization. Therefore, one will have to sign a volunteer non-disclosure agreement.

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Employee Confidentiality Agreement

When a company brings in new employees, they have to sign an employee non-disclosure agreement. This type of agreement highlights mandatory terms and conditions that ensure an employee does not expose information about the business. This kind of agreement is usually valid for about three years. And, not only is it valid while a person is still employed, but it also goes for a specified duration after the employee’s contract is finished. Many business owners love these agreements as they ensure their trade secrets, strategic plans, and even names of partners and investors are kept under wraps, giving them a slight advantage over competitors.

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Non-Circumvention Agreement Sample

Sometimes a company might be looking to make a partnership with another company. In such an event, the two parties have to sign a non-circumvent agreement. This type of agreement ensures that while both sides might share critical information like names of partners, distributors, and even suppliers, no party is supposed to take advantage of the other’s information and use it behind their back.

Once signed, whoever breaks the agreement will be held liable and may be required to pay huge fines. However, all non-circumvent agreements should state the laws that govern them, and should also have provisions for amendments.

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Sample of Patient Non-Disclosure Agreement

Medical facilities receive a lot of patients, and they also record a lot of data about the patients received. It is therefore in the interest of these organizations to ensure the patients’ privacy, and confidentiality is upheld. Everyone at a medical center, from the senior doctor, to the nurse, to support staff, and even volunteers are supposed to sign a patient non-disclosure agreement.

But, not only does the patient confidentiality agreement protect the patients, but it also ensures none of the employees share business details and procedures to outside parties. It also blocks them from sharing fellow employees’ data, like home addresses or names of spouses.

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Law Firm Non-Disclosure Agreement Example

Whether a company or an individual, a good attorney will always help you in tight situations. However, to help you, your attorney will be privy to very critical information whether printed, written, or spoken. Nonetheless, you should be sure that the law firm you work with will not later spread the gospel about your secrets.

As much as you can search for and find a reputable law firm, it is still in your best interest to include a signed law firm non-disclosure agreement in the deal. On the other hand, you are also not supposed to talk about their methods of work as rivals are always listening.

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Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Sample

When business people are striking deals, they share crucial information like proprietary details amongst themselves, and often this information need be kept secret. To ensure every party understands exclusive bounds, a mutual confidentiality agreement is signed.

The mutual non-disclosure agreement may also come in handy when one is trying to protect a business idea that isn’t yet fully developed.

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All in all, the function of any non-disclosure agreement is to give business owners the chance to express what information they would like to remain confidential. It also clearly explains the consequences faced when the agreement is broken, so one can critically think before signing them.

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