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Landlord Recommendation Letter (For a Tenant) | Free Templates

A landlord recommendation letter is a document written on behalf of a tenant by a former landlord to a potential landlord detailing the tenant’s worthiness as a tenant.

The letter outlines the landlord’s experience during the tenancy by including information such as the tenant’s rental history, adherence to building rules, violations, and any late payment issues that the landlord has observed during the lease period.

So, if you are planning on moving into a new apartment and require a landlord recommendation letter, this is the information you should ensure your former landlord captures. The landlord can also include the monthly rental rate, the lease term, and any other information about the tenancy that would be relevant.  A landlord recommendation letter is commonly used by tenants with a poor credit score.

Free Templates

A good landlord recommendation letter should address certain aspects of your tenancy. Even though you are not the one to come up with one, it is important to familiarize yourself with what it should include and how it should be structured. In this regard, we have provided our readers with free landlord templates a landlords can download and personalize. For tenants, they can select one they see as suitable and advise the landlord to use it as a guide.







    Who to Select for Writing the Letter?

    You want the landlord recommendation letter to be reflective of you as a suitable tenant; therefore, selecting the right person, that is landlord, to recommend you is an important part of the process. Well, the letter should be from a former landlord, but sometimes it is not just any former landlord. You want to go for one that will talk about you positively. These are landlords you have had good relationships with.

    You should aim to choose a landlord you have leased property from for a prolonged period of time. This shows consistency which is a desirable aspect when landlords are vetting new applicants.

    Leasing can be prone to disputes between tenants and landlords every now and then. Therefore, if you have multiple previous landlords, select the one you had a smooth leasing period with. As landlords will often be looking for reliability, selecting a landlord that will market you as a dependable tenant is key. It also goes without saying, you should not use a fake letter just to get a lease.

    Primarily, the letter is meant to convince the new landlord that you are compliant as a tenant, that is, in terms of payment and following lease terms. Most want to be sure that they are leasing their property to a responsible client. A landlord recommendation is also used to complement your credit report and proof of income when landlords are carrying out a background check on potential tenants.

    Layout of the Letter Explained

    The format of the landlord recommendation letter is as:

    • The introduction comprises the date, header, and salutation. The date can be included at the top of the letter. In the header, the landlord should provide his or her information such as name, address, and contact information.
    • The next thing should be a salutation; if you plan to use the landlord recommendation letter in more than one situation, you can request him or her to address it to “whom it may concern.”
    • After the salutation, the landlord introduces you, the tenant, and can talk about the amount of rent you used to pay and other relevant information such as the length of the lease period.
    • In the body of the letter, the landlord outlines the personal traits he or she observed during the lease period. This section is not limited in terms of paragraphs as long as the information provided is relevant to a potential landlord. The landlord can highlight an event that demonstrates your character and your relationship with other tenants.
    • To conclude the letter, the landlord gives a closing statement that encourages the prospective landlord to reach out if they have pending questions. After this, they can sign off as with any formal letter by giving a signature, date, and contact information.

    Landlord Recommendation Letter Template



    [Landlord’s name]


    [City, State Zip]

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing this letter on behalf of [tenant name], who has been my tenant at my [property type] on [property address] for a period of three years. He /she pays a monthly rent of [amount], utilities not included.

    [tenant name] is a generous, kind person and his/her neighbors love him/her. He/she pays rent on the [date] of every month, and I have never had to follow up due to late payment. He/she is a very [personal trait] throughout his/her entire stay with us.

    When [tenant name] notified me of his/her intention to move, he/she followed the necessary procedure, which is something he is known for in the building. I would kindly recommend you take him in as he/she wishes to be closer to his/her place of work and your building would be convenient for him.

    Do not hesitate to reach should you have any further questions about something not addressed in this letter.


    [landlord’s name]

    [phone number]


    Landlord Recommendation Letter Samples

    Sample 01

    3rd February 2021

    Mason Wood,

    1234 Hollywood Blvd,

    Los Angeles, California 8765

    To whom it may concern,

    This letter is to inform you that indeed Mrs. Happy Sanders has been a tenant of mine at a 3-bedroom apartment in the Oak Palm building located at Ellen Road, Lake City, NV 4471 from 1st July 2018. The monthly rent was $2500, minus utilities.

    Since she moved in, we have not had any disagreements regarding rent payment; she always pays on time. She is a very orderly person, which saw her become the chairperson of the tenants’ group. For the few years, she has been my tenant, I can comfortably say she is a caring and kind person, and I believe most people at Oak palm would agree with me. Happy would like to move to a town near her family due to personal reasons, and it is my hope you can accept her as your tenant.

    She has already notified me of her intent to move according to our building policy, which she has been compliant with since she came here. It is my hope you will both have a fruitful relationship.

    In case you have any pending questions, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to assist in any way I can to help with this transition.


    M Wood,

    (222) 5132-0028

    [email protected]

    Sample 2

    To whom it may concern,

    I, Adam Begins, would like to convey my recommendation for tenancy for Harry K. Maguire. He has been renting a studio apartment at a building I own. He has been my tenant for a total of five years, from 12th August 2016. He has been paying a total of $1100 per month, utilities included.

    Other than the two times Harry has failed to pay on time; I have no issues with his tenancy. He is kind, understanding, and social. He occasionally hosts a few friends, but he always requests a permit from the building manager. He is highly regarded by his fellow tenants for his tendencies to help whenever he can.

    He wishes to move closer to his workplace and believes your space would be convenient for him. I genuinely hope you will consider his application. If you have further questions, kindly reach out, and I will offer my assistance where I can.


    Adam Begins,

    24th March 2021

    123 456-0987

    [email protected]

    Acceptable Methods of Provision

    Once your landlord recommendation letter has been written, you can hand it in through different means. The landlord can send it themselves or you could be requested to deliver it yourself.

    Here are the different methods a landlord recommendation letter can be sent:


    Some landlords can prefer just to make a call to the potential landlord. A phone call is the least formal method, but it is just as effective. The landlord issues a verbal statement to detail their experience with you. The prospective landlord can then ask any questions they may have. This method is used as it is easy and fast as all that is needed is a phone number, and the landlord can handle the rest.


    Another method of submitting a landlord recommendation letter is through online platforms such as Renter, Landlord-Reference, or Inc.’s Modern Landlord Reference, etc. these platforms are databases where landlords can input recommendations for tenants and search or request recommendations for potential tenants. If you already have a recommendation on these platforms, you can just request the potential landlord to get it from there. References submitted to these platforms have to be verified, making it a fast and accurate method for landlords. 

    Fax / Email 

    Alternatively, the landlord recommendation letter can be sent via fax or email. Email is more preferred these days. It is fast as all that is needed is an email address, and once your former landlord is done writing, they can just send it to the prospective landlord. Since it is a written statement, it is proof of what exactly was said and can reduce misunderstandings compared to a phone call. It is also written evidence of what the landlord said should you choose to oppose something the landlord said, and you find it untrue.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I fake a landlord recommendation letter?

    It is not wise to fake a landlord recommendation letter. A recommendation letter helps a landlord evaluate your worthiness for leasing their property. Should they find out you faked the landlord recommendation letter, they can simply revoke your application, meaning you would end up losing the chance to get the space you so much desired.

    Do landlords call the former landlord to confirm

    Yes. Most landlords will call the former landlord to verify if the information provided in the landlord recommendation letter is their opinion. Sometimes they could be having questions about issues not addressed in the recommendation letter, and a call would be an easier way to get answers. Also, a phone call could be all the recommendation a landlord needs sometimes.

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