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After successful completion of a course, students are often encouraged to look for internship opportunities. These opportunities help them relate their theoretical knowledge with the real work situation outside the classroom. Moreover, the internship helps in strengthening the student’s personal character and develop their professional aptitude. However, before you begin with such a career exploration, you will have to look for the rightful employer to recruit you as an intern. Oftentimes, most employers will ask you to write an internship cover letter and send it alongside other details such as CV.

For many students, however, writing an Internship Cover Letter presents a challenge due to the many pressures associated with the search. However, writing such letters shouldn’t be the source of your worries as we will take you through every step you needed.

In the contemporary world, thousands of students are graduating each year from different universities and colleges. This means that there are as many students looking for finite internship opportunities. With this in mind, you need to make sure your Internship Cover Letter is professionally written so as to land you more interviews. Remember, the company you get an internship with might as well be your future employer.

How to write an Internship Cover Letter

A well-written Internship Cover Letter should always cover all your academic qualifications and other relevant co-curriculum activities. All these qualifications will help attract and convince the recruiter that you are fit for the internship position. Here is a step by step guide on how to write the letters like a pro.

Step 1: Applicants address

At the very top of your letter, you need to have your name, official address, and personal contacts are written. Below your details, write the date in which the letter is written. Note that this step only applies to text versions. However, if you are writing an electronic letter, you will ignore this step.

Step 2: Recruiters Address

Just below the date, write down the name and address of the recruiter. Again, if you are writing an email letter, you will ignore this part. However, you will include the recruiters’ email address as a recipient.

Step 3: Opening line

This section applies to both the text version and electronically sent cover letters. The opening line is very important as it ensures you are addressing the right person. YOU can either chose to address the recipients with their full name or last name. If you decide on the prior, you can have it written this way,

Dear Michael Joseph.

However, if you use the last name, here is how to structure it:

Dear Mr. /Mrs. Joseph.

Also, if you cannot find the name of the recruiter, you can simply use Dear Hiring Manager (though not recommended).

Step 4: Introduction

Introduce your letter in a specific approach i.e., mentioning the exact internship position you are applying for. As a preference, always mention how the internship vacancy reached you.

Step 5: company research

Here, you will convince the reader why you are interested in a particular internship position. Make sure your reasons are genuine and solid enough. Take your time and do some research on the recruiting company. You how the company runs, when it was formed, the director, major projects, objectives, values, to mention a few. With such information, you can write your cover letter by mentioning how your interest/qualifications match the company’s requirements.

Step 6: Work Experience and qualifications

Here, you will mention some of the experiences you have that may be relevant to the internship position. At the same time, highlight some of your academic qualifications and unique skills that would benefit the company.

Step 7: Outro

Under this section, you need to conclude your letter by appreciating the reader for their ample time. Also, reaffirm your interest as well as your availability for an interview.

Step 8: Sign off

Make sure you sign off your letter to make it more formal. You can simply write ‘Sincerely’ then followed by your name and official signatures. It’s as easier as that.

Sample Letters & Examples

Internship Cover Letter Sample (Text Version)

[Applicant Name]

[Applicant Address]

[Applicant Contacts]

[Date of writing]

[Recruiters Name]

[Recruiters Address]

Recruiters Contact]

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Miss [Recruiters Last Name]

I am writing in regard to the vacancy of community health internship opportunities at your company, as advertised in the daily newspaper. I believe that my qualifications, skills, and passion makes me the best candidate for the position.

I am drawn to this internship position due to varied reasons; 1) it helps safeguard and improve the lives of the local residents. 2) The internship position will help me broaden my skills and experience, and 3) the company shares an outstanding reputation for the delivery of high-quality health services not only for the elderly but for the less privileged as well.

As a minor in community health student at the University of Iowa, I have acquired skills in public health and safety, first aid, laboratory work, among many others. I hold 3.9 GPA grading and have been on the dean’s list every semester. Currently, I am conducting research on factors that contributes to the deteriorating immune response among Iowa Community residents.

Last summer, I worked as a part-timer at Good Health Laboratories. There, we conducted various blood sample analysis to diagnose various patients from the region. I managed to get a recommendation from the Laboratory Director for paying close attention and dedication to my works. Should you want to see my further qualifications, please take a look at the attached files.

Thank you very much for your ample time. I look forward to your feedback at your most convenient time. I also welcome any invitation to an interview.

Yours sincerely,

[Applicant Name]

[Applicants Signature].




Cover Letter Sample for an Internship

Sample Cover Letter for an Internship

Internship Cover Letter

Internship Cover Letter Sample (Doc Format)

Sample Internship Cover Letter

    When writing an electronic Internship Cover Letter, you’ll adhere to the same guidelines used in writing the text version. However, the difference is that with the electronic version, you don’t have to start with the addresses i.e., the sender and the recipient address. Instead, you can start with an opening line, then proceed to the body, conclusion, and sign-offs.

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