Graduation Ceremony Invitation Templates

Graduation invitation templates are used by the student to invite their family, friends, and important people to the formalities inherent in their completion of elementary, high school, or higher education. Graduation is the most anticipated time of all students. During the years in elementary school, high school, and most commonly, the university, the moment is expected by the student, as well as by their family and friends.

With this in mind, we have prepared an article that will facilitate students in the process of creating and choosing graduation invitation templates. We want you to have all the information about the structure, the design, and everything that concerns your graduation invitation. Let’s go, shall we?

Structure of Graduation Invitations

The basic information that should be present in the graduation invitation is:

  • Course name;
  • Name and photo of all trainees;
  • Venue:
  • Dates and times of all ceremonies;
  • Names of all authorities;
  • University logo;
  • Message and Tributes;
  • Oath;
  • Phone for information (not required).

Of course, you don’t have to follow exactly each of these items to the letter, but they are paramount so that your guest has a complete and no doubt about all the ceremonies.

The design is an essential step for defining the graduation invitation; after all, the invitation needs to be visually aesthetic, well elaborated, and creative. For this, it is important that the members of the graduation committee agree with the class and decide which line the invitation style will follow. This means that all of you must jointly determine whether the invitation will be:

  1. Traditional or Classic;
  2. Modern;
  3. Conceptual or Thematic.

These are just some of the aspects that the class should decide which one to follow. It is worth remembering that it is essential that the invitation reflects the identity of the class. For this, it is important that the chosen company gives a briefing – a script of questions that are answered by the trainees, guiding on colors, images, styles, and different ideas.

Photo Session

To make your class’s graduation invitations fully customized, bet on a studio photoshoot and external photos with a good photographer. Each trainee will be able to have their photo on the first page of their invitation, and other great photos of the class throughout the project.

Message in Graduation Invitation

The message of the graduation invitation is written by the trainee and brings considerations of this about the whole time. Generally, the message follows the following structure:

  • A general message, starting the text;
  • Overruns;
  • Achievements;
  • Thanks to everyone involved in the process;
  • Invitation to attend the ceremonies.

It is important to note that your message does NOT need to follow exactly this pattern, but it can help you formulate your text.

Graduation Invitations Materials and Finishes

There are materials and finishes that are used to enhance a graduation invitation. These completely transform the aesthetic aspect of the invitation, making it visually more beautiful, modern, and luxurious. The main materials and finishes are:

  1. Hardcover: A sturdy cover, in addition to preserving the invitation for many years, leaves the project more valued and with a great presentation;
  2. Special Cut on the Cover: This finish is used to highlight certain elements, images, or coats of arms. In this cut, parts of the invitation fit together and promote a modern effect;
  3. Medal: Metallic finish in certain areas of the invitation, most commonly used for coats of strokes;
  4. 3D relief: Applied in detail, such as the name of the course or a logo, the 3D relief in acrylic brings to the invitation a modern and luxurious aspect to the project. Acrylic can be of 3 types: mirrored, milky or translucent;
  5. Varnish Located and Textured: Applied in an invitation location, such as letters or images, the varnish is the finish that brings brightness to the highlighted area, in addition to waterproofing the place;
  6. Hot Stamp: It is a metalized application made in some area of the invitation – usually applied with the name or coat of arms of the respective course – in high temperatures and in various colors, being silver and gold the most common.

These are just a few, but there are several other materials and finishes that totally customize a graduation invitation.

Invitation Templates

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 01

This is an elegant graduation template with a dark background. You can also add your custom photo in it!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 02

This is a 2-in-1 graduation invitation template with a beautiful design and elegant look. You can also add your photo to make it look more customized!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 03

This graduation invitation template has a simple design against a dull background; unlike some other simple templates, you can also add your photo in it!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 04

This graduation invitation template has a classic look. Unlike some of the other templates, you can add your multiple photos in it!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 05

This is simple in design, maximalist graduation invitation template. It is a decent option if you want something in between cheap and expensive!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 06

While other invitation templates in this list are for individual students, this 2-in-1 graduation invitation template is best for the whole class!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 07

This is a simple minimalist graduation invitation template with the ability to add a photo and basic details!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 08

This is an elegant graduation invitation template in which you can add details and your photo with convenience!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 09

This graduation invitation template has a simple design against a dark background. You cannot add your photo to it!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 10

This is another maxim graduation invitation template, but what makes it different is that it can be used as an invitation for the graduation ceremony of the whole class!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 11

This is a beautifully designed extended graduation invitation template with a beautiful color combination (you can change it if you want to). It cannot have a photo!

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template 12

This graduation invitation template has a simple design against a vibrant background. You can also use it for the graduation ceremony of the whole class!

    There are several graduation invitation templates to base on. However, starting an invitation from scratch, without a pre-established and fully personalized template, makes your graduation invitation different from everyone else but if you are running short of time then above mentioned templates are best for you!

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