Free Taxi Receipt Templates [Word | PDF]

A taxi receipt template is a simple computerized document used and issued by a taxi driver to passengers to prove that they have paid a certain amount of fare for a given trip and to record all essential details of the trip.

Taxi receipt templates are usually professionally formatted, and they are quite easy to understand. They can be downloaded online, personalized by making some necessary changes such as adding the company logo, personal and contact information of the driver, filling in the fare amount, among other details. Afterward, the receipt can be printed and issued to the respective passenger. By using a taxi receipt template, taxi drivers can utilize professional and easy-to-use receipts, which will help them remain professional and secure in terms of legal or professional matters.

Like any other legal transaction, the taxi receipt template is issued by the driver once the respective passenger has paid the full fare amount, usually at the point of alighting, and a taxi driver can use it to record any essential information concerning the entire trip.

Purpose of a Taxi Receipt Template

A taxi receipt template is vital to a taxi driver in a manner that it serves the following essential purposes:

  • The primary purpose of a taxi receipt is to document a transaction between a taxi driver and the respective passenger. This means that the taxi driver can use the receipt to track all the places that he/she and the passenger drove to and use it for bookkeeping/accounting purposes.
    This is especially useful when the taxi driver works for a specific taxi company, which requires documented proof to confirm that a particular passenger paid for and used the taxi services. Moreover, the cab driver retains the duplicate of the receipt after he/she has issued the original to the passenger to avoid any disputes or queries related to the trip.
  • The issuance of taxi receipts is necessary for taxi drivers who offer personal or private transportation services. If a taxi driver uses a personally owned vehicle, the issuance of taxi receipts to passengers becomes essential. The possible reason for issuing the taxi receipt is to ensure the clients that the taxi driver is doing organized transactions in accordance with the legal perspective.
  • Taxi drivers who offer taxi services and occupy booths at railway stations or airports must issue taxi receipts to clients every time they hire their services. Doing this enables them to conform to State Federal laws relating to mandatory issuance of taxi receipts to passengers.

Components of a Taxi Receipt Template

A taxi receipt template layout and contents may vary depending on the company that provides the taxi transportation services. However, there are general contents that should feature in all taxi/cab receipt templates.

They include the following information:

Name of the taxi company

Most taxi receipt templates contain the name of the taxi company and, in some cases, their official business logo. This component is present on the receipt in case the driver works for a particular taxi company.

Location of the taxi company

If the taxi driver works for a particular private transportation company, it is considered good practice to include the company’s physical business address in the receipt to enhance customer reliability and professionalism. The company’s physical address must indicate the exact geographic location of its headquarters, including the street, state, and zip code.

Contact details

An official taxi receipt template or form must contain the driver’s contact details, including his/her office phone number, email, or web address. The primary purpose of including the taxi driver’s contact information is to demonstrate professionalism and improve client reliability.

Date and time

An effective taxi receipt template should also feature the exact date and time of the trip. This information can serve as evidence, proving that the driver drove the client(s) at a particular time and date.

Pick-up address

The template should necessarily indicate the address of the pick-up point.

Destination address

Details of the respective passenger’s drop-off points should also be included in the receipt.

Taxi number

The taxi number on a taxi receipt template refers to the registration number of the taxi’s plate number. Including the taxi’s plate number in the receipt enables the taxi driver to come off as a professional and reliable person to his/her clients as well as the traffic police if he/she is pulled over by a police car.

The mileage

The total number of miles traveled from the customer’s pick-up point to the drop-off point should also be included in the taxi receipt. In most cases, taxi drivers use taximeters to calculate mileage and the fare to charge clients for the trip. However, the total fare payable for a particular mileage may vary depending on the time of the trip, i.e., peak or off-peak season. Recording the mileage in a taxi receipt helps taxi drivers to determine the fair amount to charge clients for the trip, and it helps them solve disputes regarding fare overcharge. Besides, it helps them determine when they need to take their cabs for service and maintenance.

The fare

An effective taxi receipt template should document the amount of money that the driver charged the passenger as fare for the trip. Recording the fare amount paid by each passenger is essential, especially for taxi drivers who are paid on a commission basis by their employer. In addition, it can come in handy in case of a future dispute between the taxi driver and the passenger.

Driver’s name and Identification number

The driver’s name and identification number should also be featured in the receipt. The driver’s identification number, also known as the driver’s license number, is a unique number assigned to a driver by the government agency. This unique number is usually required to be displayed on the driver’s license issued by his/her state. Without the unique identifier, a driver is not authorized to drive on public roads; thus, including this identification number on the taxi receipt works as a prove to passengers that the taxi driver is fit to drive, which ultimately helps to resolve any uncertainties.

Passenger’s name and signature

This is optional, but the customer can enter their full name and provide their signature in the receipt to confirm that the transaction occurred.

Total cost

Suppose any extra fee is incurred apart from the fare; for example, if the taxi journey was to an airport and the taxi driver has to pay for entry to the airport; the taxi driver can enter the total incurred.

Additional notes

Some taxi receipt templates contain a section where the customers can provide any additional notes concerning the services offered. This may include client feedback and review.

Making a Taxi Receipt Template

While a taxi receipt template may seem like a simple document, crafting it from scratch may be difficult. To make work more manageable, the use of online receipt templates is highly recommended, as these templates are prepared professionally and often cover all the required data. 

Besides, these online templates are fully customizable, meaning that one can download them and personalize them to fit their unique company requirements. Once downloaded, one needs to edit the template and include the actual contents of a taxi receipt. If the taxi receipt is for business or personal use, the taxi driver or company can include a digital signature to give it a neat and professional look.

After editing the template, the taxi driver or company can print it out for use.

On the other hand, if a taxi driver or taxi company wishes to create their unique taxi receipt from scratch, they can create it on the computer using the Microsoft Word app or Excel Spreadsheets.

Free Templates

Following are some free taxi receipt downloadable templates for your ease:







    Key Takeaways

    • Taxi drivers are required to issue official taxi receipts to their passengers upon payment of the total fare amount or when they reach their destination. The receipt is an essential aiding tool that enables taxi drivers to document their daily activities.
    • The taxi receipt contains all the relevant information related to a given trip. Therefore, it can be used by both the taxi driver and passenger to prove that a transaction occurred.
    • When looking to prepare a taxi receipt for business use or even for personal use, one is advised to use free online downloadable templates in DOC, PDF, and Excel formats. The customizable and printable templates are available on this website, and they are easy to understand and are helpful to drivers, especially in the bookkeeping of their routine activities.
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