Free Printable Marathon Pace Charts

Preparing to participate in a marathon race? Well, you have to adopt both a psychological and physical approach towards this. That is because the race is too long to be confronted without adequate preparations. The risks of so doing may often be fatal. You need a marathon pace chart for that. A marathon pace chart is basically a sheet of information regarding the kind of performance you are more likely to attain while running a marathon. It helps you to determine the speed you are likely to manage per mile or kilometer. The chart avails the said information in metric and imperial systems.

Using the information derived from the chart, you will easily determine your levels of endurance, the number of calories you burn per minute and what you need to do to up your efforts in the course of doing so.

The chart basically contains a grid which displays the distance and the time you would cover for any given level of intensity. Some exist on the web which generates the outcomes required in real-time. You are required to maintain a fair degree of diligence to be able to accrue honest guidance.

Types of Marathon Races

a.) 10 km (6.21 miles)

This is just a warmup exercise for someone who hopes to venture into full throttle marathon races in the future. By running continuously for only 10km, you get to warm the body in such a way as to make it aptly prepared for the full course.

b.) Half Marathon (21.1 km/13.1 miles)

As the name suggests, this one covers half the distance of a full marathon. It is best undertaken after warming up. For best results, this marathon has to be undertaken severally to avoid any injuries and long-term physical issues. It also requires quite a bit of time to get used to.

c.) Full Marathon (42.2 km/26.2 miles)

This is the standard marathon length. It takes 42.2 km/26.2 miles. The race is the one employed in many professional athletic competitions’world over. This race requires great endurance, focus, and concentration. It is one to embark on after having practiced for quite a long duration of time.

d.) Ultra-marathon (Any race in excess of 42.2 km)

Any distance in excess of 42.2 km is termed ultra-marathon. Typical, these distances range from 50-100 km. Many people who train for the full marathon opt to train under these conditions. In this way, they gain the muscle strength and level of endurance needed to take on simpler races.

e.) Stage Races

Lastly comes the stage races. These are short and to the point races. They are mostly intended for jogging and luxury. Given their short and intermittent character, they have no fixed distances or demarcations. The length is entirely dependent on the discretion of the individual concerned.

Free Marathon Pace Charts

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Free Marathon Pace Chart

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    Well, you have now known about the chart and the various marathon races. We are now confident that you may go on to devote the chart to your use. Simply download a version of the chart that is easily understood by you and fill in the blanks diligently to start out.