Fraternity Letter of Recommendation [Samples & Examples]

A fraternity letter of recommendation aids students in the admission process when joining a new fraternity.

A student can approach a current or alumni member of the fraternity they are applying to and request them to write a recommendation letter to increase his/her chances of getting accepted in the fraternity.

The fraternity letter of recommendation should include the name and address details of the applicant as are required for membership. The recommender should write their name, address details at the top of the letter and mention the fraternity’s name they are recommending the applicant. The recommender should also mention their relationship with the applicant and state their favorable attributes and competencies that make the candidate ideal to gain membership. The letter should end with the recommender’s signature and should be placed in a sealed envelope to send to the admission fraternity.

Who to Ask for a Fraternity Letter of Recommendation?

One should ask a current or former member of the fraternity they wish to join, to write a recommendation letter on their behalf. Preferably, one should request a recommender they are familiar with or have had interactions with to enable them to write informed descriptions of the applicant’s attributes, character, and achievements.

If one does not have any relations with any fraternity member, they should try to approach someone in the fraternity and request them to write them the recommendation. In such a situation, the willing recommender may not have adequate knowledge of the applicant; therefore, the student should write down their skills, qualities, achievements, and goals to aid the recommender when writing the fraternity letter of recommendation. 

How to Get a Fraternity Letter of Recommendation

There are significant steps one needs to follow when looking to get a fraternity letter of recommendation. Below is a quick guide on how to get a fraternity letter of recommendation.

Step 1: Ask permission from a current or former member

Start by identifying former or current fraternity members, single out familiar people, and approach them to write the fraternity letter of recommendation. One can also ask a fraternity member they don’t know to assist them in writing the recommendation letter even if they are not familiar with each other.

Step2: Provide a list of qualities and achievements

Writing a fraternity letter of recommendation may need help with a little background information about one’s achievements, qualities, and attributes. One should provide the recommender with such information, which goes a long way in helping increase the chances of one getting fraternity membership.

Step 3: Give examples of your achievements

One should support their list of attributes and achievements with relevant examples of their accomplishments to help the recommendation letter stand out and increase their chances of gaining admission. Therefore, it is necessary to let the recommender know of the achievements one has made in their experience.   

Step 4: Provide a list of your extracurricular and volunteer activities

One should also provide the recommender with a list of the extracurricular and volunteer activities they have previously participated in. This information is valuable to show one’s capabilities and passions to improve the chances of the fraternity recommendation letter getting considered.

Step 5: Describe your characteristics to the recommender

Lastly, attractive personal characteristics highly increase the chances of one getting considered for fraternity admission. Therefore, one should be keen when providing the recommender with information about their characteristics and making sure they state their best qualities.

Sample Fraternity Letter

Mary Warren

32 Broadway Street

New York City, New York, 5123

Phone no. (212) 2535662

July 13, 2021

Fred Steward

Winners’ Academic Fraternity Recruitment

Harvard University

Dear Fred,

Having served as a treasurer for the Winners’ Academic Fraternity for two years, I am well versed in the vigorous and strict policy of recruiting new members to the fraternity. After conscious evaluation, I attest to the hardworking and eminent qualities of Steve Duke and wish to support his membership to join our fraternity. Steve Duke has volunteered in the ‘Educate a child movement ‘and participated in many other community development programs that significantly improved society.

I firmly believe that Steve Duke is the right candidate to join our membership as he can push our mission for ‘Great academic Excellence’. Your consideration for his membership plight will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Marry Warren


Fraternity Letter of Recommendation Templates

Name of the Recommender


Phone number


Name of the Recipient

The title they hold in the fraternity


Dear Recipient

I write this letter to support (Name of the applicant) in his quest to join our membership club. (Applicant’s name) is hardworking and has a proven track record in (state applicant’s competencies and achievement). His presence will add value to the fraternity by increasing the performance of the fraternity with his adequate skills. Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

Yours truthfully,

Name of Recommender


Following are some free downloadable templates for you.



    Final Thoughts

    A fraternity letter of recommendation is written by the former, or current member of the specific fraternity one aims to join, to persuade the recruiting team to give the applicant admission. Therefore, one needs to follow essential steps when requesting someone to write them a recommendation letter and factors to consider when deciding who to ask for the letter of recommendation.

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