Employee Thank You Letter (12+ Best Examples)

Employees are one of the greatest resources an organization can ever have. They not only make the organization to achieve its goals but also to be successful. Employees often help meet project deadlines, improve organization sales, and help build the company brand. Unfortunately, despite their contributions to workplaces, some employers fail to appreciate employees’ efforts and commitment. However, given the paramount value of employees, every employer should always thank their employees. By this, it shouldn’t happen only by text chats or acknowledging their existence in the company, but rather by sending them an Employee Thank You Letter.

Common Reasons for Writing an Employee Thank You Letter

There are very many reasons why an employer may decide to write these letters. These includes:

  • Appreciation for excellence performance

Sometimes getting excellent employees can be difficult. But when you get one who is ready to sacrifice their hard work for the benefit of the company, you need to appreciate them.

  • Volunteering

In many cases, most employees don’t want to associate themselves with volunteering works. Therefore, you need to applause such efforts.

  • Sales performance

In many organizations, the sales department is one that needs constant motivation. It plays an important role in the success of a company. After making successful sales, an employer needs to take some time to express their appreciation.

  • Covering colleagues leave

An employer may be out for vacation or sick leave. That’s normal! But when you get an employee willing to go the extra mile to take up the workload for the absentee, you need to acknowledge their efforts by sending them a letter.

  • Long years of service

There are those employees who have been of a company for a longer duration of time. Their passion and dedication to serving the company are inseparable. Such kind of employees needs an appreciation to keep them motivated.

  • Excellence leadership

In any kind of organization, leaders play a critical role in inspiring members and guiding them towards superior results. That being said, it’s often wise that you appreciate such employees.

What to Include

  • Date

If your letter is handwritten, then you will have to indicate the date of writing. Otherwise, if it’s an electronic letter sent through email, you shouldn’t be bothered about the dates as it will automatically be added.

  • Employees address

Make sure you write the right address of the receiving employee.

  • Subject line

Again, this part is only relevant when sending the letter through email. If you intend to handwrite the letter, you can ignore the subject line.

  • Salutation

Salutations apply for both the handwritten and the email letters. You can either choose ‘Dear’ or ‘Hello,’

  • State your reasons for writing the letter

Introduce your letter by mentioning the reasons for writing the letter. Your reasons should be specific and easy to understand.

  • Explain your gratitude

You can explain to the reader/employee why you are grateful for their actions or contributions in a few lines. Also, let them know how their accomplishments benefited the company.

  • Sign off

Conclude your letter with high hopes about the future. Let the reader know that you are looking forward to continued improvement. Then, you can complementary close, followed by signature and name.

Sample of an Employee Thank You Letter


[Employee name]

[Job title]

[Name of company]


Hello [Name of the employee],

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you have been doing for our organization in the past days personally. While doing our monthly evaluation, we realized that your contribution to the sales department has made the organization achieve higher sales hence realizing its set goals. In the past month, for instance, we achieved a total sales increment of about $100,000. This was estimated to be about a 5% increment.

The board of directors acknowledged that this was the highest sales recorded within the past five years.

Since you became part of your sales team, we have noted that you’ve been in the front line to mobilize and train your colleagues on sales and marketing skills. I am certain that through your continued efforts and determination, the organization will move to its greater heights.

As a token of appreciation, the management has unanimously agreed to give you a shopping voucher for the whole month. On top of this, you have been reserved a vacation ticket of two to Europe for a period of two weeks. Your contribution to the organization has definitely brought an impact. Keep it up, and thank you once again.



Name of the employer

Title of the employer.

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    Tips for Writing an Excellent Thank You Letter

    • Make It Brief: The main purpose of writing these letter s is to appreciate the employee for their substantial contribution to the workplace. A good employee thank you letter shouldn’t belong or wordy. Rather, it should short, precise, and direct to the point.
    • Make The Subject Clear And Understandable: If you intend to send the letters through email, you need to ensure that the subject line is well stated and can be easily understood by the recipient. For instance, you can write, ‘Thank you for being a good leader.”
    • Make The Letter Personal: Your letter will be received warmly if you personalize it. The majority of people dislike reading through a generic letter. That’s said, you need to add some personal touch to your letter by addressing the employee by their name.
    • Proofread Your Letter: Before sending the letter, it’s advisable that you reread the paper to identify and to correct any possible grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Since these letters are formal letters, professionalism is often vital.
    • Send The Letter At The Earliest Time Possible: According to pundits, the letters should be sent early enough when the event is still fresh in the employee’s mind. Preferably, you can send it one or two weeks after the event. However, if you aren’t in a position to send it immediately, it shouldn’t be a major worry. Remember that it’s always better to delay than not to send one at all.
    • Be Sincere: One thing you need to consider is making your words genuine and simple. Talk about the accomplishments that the employee has done. Be sure to give credit only where it is deserved.
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