20 Best Easter Food Menu Templates

The Easter festival is an opportunity to celebrate gluttony in many forms. It’s the beginning of Spring, the full season of lamb, new vegetables, and many traditional recipes that have been designed to celebrate this day.

In many parts of the world, you can enjoy the Easter pate stuffed with a choice of veal, rabbit, spinach, chard, and hard-boiled eggs, etc. You can also highlight the asparagus that has just arrived on the stalls. Serve with a muslin sauce or hollandaise sauce. Alternatively, prepare an appetizer based on seasonal vegetables and eggs. Whether they are cooked in a casserole, poached, calves, hard… They are one of the star products of the Easter holiday. And for even more ideas, find our folder on hot egg starters.

The centerpiece of your meal will, of course, be the must-have lamb. Cook it in spring navarin with new vegetables. Prepare a whole leg roasted in the oven or a crust of batter. You can also use lamb shoulder to stuff, roll, and tie in a roast. A rack of lamb will also be very popular, simply roasted in the oven with a little garlic and thyme or covered with a crust of aromatic herbs.

Many countries enjoy a brioche on Easter or cookies in the shape of rabbits, sheep, or bells. Children, of course, go on the chocolate egg hunt that you buy ready to go commercially or that you can have fun making yourself if you have the right molds. You can also make a nest-shaped cake and hide your chocolate eggs or small sugar eggs inside.

Best Easter Cuisine Dishes

1. Mouna in olive oil, rum, and candied orange

Any good Easter menu features a brioche recipe. This traditional Jewish Easter recipe will take you on a journey through the flavors of the Maghreb. Scented with rum, olive oil, orange blossom water, candied orange peel, and almonds, these little golden buns will be unanimous with your loved ones!

2. Easter eggs with chocolates

Enjoy Easter with this playful, colorful, but incredibly gourmet recipe. Eggshells are used as a container to accommodate 3 different ganaches: one with dark chocolate, one with praline, and one with white chocolate and pistachios.

3. Lamb shoulder stuffed with olives

Make your own roast with this easy-to-make and delicious recipe. The lamb shoulder is stuffed with a mixture of minced lamb, olives, bread crumbs, cognac, parsley, and lemon zest, then rolled and roasted in the oven… This family-friendly and comforting dish will be ideal for a Sunday meal with your family or Easter lunch, for example!

4. Gigot stuffed with mushrooms, new potatoes with thyme

For an Easter meal or any other occasion, let yourself be tempted by this family and gourmet recipe to please your loved ones. Stuffed with a mixture of Paris mushrooms, shallots, onions, and bacon, the leg of lamb is then rolled and roasted in the oven with new potatoes flavored with thyme.

5. Old-fashioned mustard rabbit

Find the flavors of yesteryear with this old-fashioned mustard rabbit recipe. Family-friendly, rustic, and friendly, this dish reminds us of pleasant childhood flavors. Rabbit, shallot, old-fashioned mustard, poultry broth, cream, butter, and fresh parsley will be enough to make it and delight the whole family.

6. Pascale’s waste with orange blossom water

The vendee-born waste is traditionally enjoyed at Easter time but is also appreciated throughout the year, at breakfast, snack time, or brunch. Soft, airy, and subtly scented with orange blossom water, it will no doubt appeal to young and old!

7. Roasted rabbit, Roquefort sauce

Easy to make, this whole rabbit recipe with its Roquefort and Cream sauce is ideal served with pasta! Rabbit meat simmers in a casserole before adding the Roquefort sauce and diced cheese!

8. Asparagus and leek baguettes with gribiche sauce

Put Spring in the spotlight in this starter with two of this season’s flagship products: young leeks and asparagus! In this light and gourmet recipe, they are served cold with a gribiche sauce with fresh herbs, pickles, and old-fashioned mustard.

9. Genoese and cream all chocolate

Dark chocolate lovers may melt away with fun for this incredibly gourmet cake. Composed of a light, airy cocoa sponge cake, it is then filled with a chocolate custard with whipped cream for even more creaminess and cream.

10. Rabbit terrine with olives and cognac

This easy-to-make homemade pie terrine will bring a rustic, authentic, and friendly note to your table. Composed of rabbit meat, loin and pork belly, cognac, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and herbs, it will be excellent at a festive buffet, a picnic, or an appetizer.

11. Garlic soup and poached egg

Easy to make, this garlic soup recipe is ideal for a cheaper meal. Potatoes and garlic are collected to prepare the soup, served then with poached eggs and crusts of homemade bread.

12. Gigot with cloves of garlic and white beans

The association is always a success between the leg of lamb and garlic. Baked with the new garlic cloves that surround it, the roasted leg is then served with white beans. This traditional recipe is perfect for an Easter meal!

13. Strawberry soup with muscat

Strawberries and wine go well together: Muscat strawberry soup is just one of the joys of fine weather.

14. Baumanière crust gigot

In a puff pastry crust, the leg of lamb is chic and tasty in this recipe. Easy to make thanks to this step-by-step recipe, the crust leg will delight all your guests during the Easter meal, for example, or any other occasion.

15. Easter Paste Berrichon

Over time, the Berrichon pate has become a must-have recipe for the Easter meal. It is composed of veal meat, smoked breast, hard-boiled eggs to stay in the Easter spirit. The whole thing is covered with a crust of broken dough and baked.

Best Easter Food Menu Templates

Having a suitable and well-structured restaurant  Easter food menu template is a great differentiator in your business.

Impeccable service and tasty food are two key points to attract customers. But it is by picking up the menu that he will feel encouraged to choose something he probably didn’t even want.

When with a good design, it is much more likely that the customer will return (at least) a second time to experience something that caught their attention.

A good restaurant Easter food menu template requires much more than mouth-watering photos and appetizing texts on the dishes.

Therefore, it is important that the menu is clear and contains all the relevant information about what is served. The customer can’t get confused.

Besides, as important as informing is to do this faithfully what the customer will receive at the table.

To help you get ideas, we’ll introduce you to the Easter menu templates for restaurants:

Easter Menu Template 06

Minimalism is at full strength in many types of business, and restaurants have not escaped the new wave, where having is no more important than being!

The content is super direct, which does reading and choosing the dish much easier for the customer.

Vintage Easter Food Menu Template

Usually made in two colors, this Easter menu template is perfect for themed places,  whose decor is more connected to the vintage spectrum. Aesthetics is allusive to retro when the use of images was not common because photography was for the few and expensive.

The use of icons and designs gives a tone of traditionalism to the menu and can also be used to highlight the most requested dish or specialty of your restaurant.

The use of colors, almost always, is contrasting, to highlight some points and also to make reading easier and more powerful.

Extended Easter Food Menu Template

The Easter menu is one of the most used today by small restaurants, steakhouses, fast food, and similar establishments and coffee shops.

The content is organized. This facilitates understanding and highlights the dishes you want to sell more. Typography should have relevance to the type of restaurant. The size is usually A5, but it can be made a little bit larger.

Simple Maxmilist Easter Food Menu Template

This template of the Easter menu has become very popular in recent years, especially for small bars and restaurants, with a more modern and jovial footprint. It is a great Easter food menu template for restaurants that have a lean and assertive menu.

The style features a maximalist layout, depending on the sobriety with which everything is presented, but at the same time pompous because the information is distributed in the lettering style.