DIY Birthday Invitation Templates

Putting together a birthday invitation requires a special phrase. Here you will find birthday invitation phrases of all kinds, and you can get inspired to give your guests a personalized, lively, and creative invitation! These are phrases for traditional birthday invitations and kids birthday invitation! Get inspired!

“Growing means changing and changing involves risks, a passage from the known to the unknown. You are invited to celebrate the beginning of another lifecycle with me on” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“The end of a cycle is the beginning of a new path! Come celebrate with me at the” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“By the time you least expect it, a year has passed. Life continues with renewed desires and an immense desire to celebrate and thank the people I love the most! Come celebrate my birthday with me on ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The fun will have no end!”

“I thank God for another year of a well-lived life and you are invited to celebrate it with me on _____________ at ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s not worth missing!”

“The more years go by the more I realize what a good thing it’s really to live next to who we care about. And that’s why you’re invited to celebrate with me my birthday on __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’m counting on you!”

“If we should thank you for waking up alive every day, the gratitude for having lived another year should be even greater and celebrated in style!” “After so much living and learning so much, I complete another year of life and invite you to celebrate it with me! My birthday will be on ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’m already waiting!”

“I’m not old, I have life! Come celebrate it with me on ____________ at ___ hrs. Location: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “If life really starts at 40, it is with your presence that I want to take the first steps, the best laughs and the strongest hugs. You are indispensable on that day! Day: ___/________ Time: ___ hrs. Location:”_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Life only makes sense when every search is made a meeting, every dream a realization and every year, great friends… To live the emotions of this day so important I want to be by the side of special people like you! Day: ___/________ Time: ___ hrs. Location:” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“The best things in life aren’t the things I’ve achieved… But the people I’ve been able to share every moment with! You are invited to celebrate my birthday on ___________ at ___ hrs. Location:”_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Each story has an end, but in life every ending is a new beginning. Come celebrate with me the end of a cycle and the beginning of another year of light for me! Day: ___/________ Time: ___ hrs. Location: “:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You are invited to the celebration of my years _______! When is it? ___/________ at ______ hrs.

Where is it? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ summers have passed. Come celebrate with me at a tropical party!
Date: ___/_______
Time: _____ hrs.
Location: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“_ years! Come celebrate! Don’t forget to bring ______.. The fun will be guaranteed! Date: _//. Time: __. Location ________.
Birthday: ______. Bring the child(s) to celebrate! Date: _/_/. Arrival time: ___. Departure time: ___. Location: ________”

“I want to celebrate my _ years alongside the most special friends! When: _//, at __ hours. Where: _____. Dish suggestion: ________.”

“Life is better when celebrated with friends! _ years. Come celebrate! Where? ____. When: _/_/, at _ hours.”

“Live… Love… Make it worth your while! Come celebrate life with me! My birthday will be on _//, at __ o’clock, at the ________ location.”

“Better than completing another year of life is being able to share this moment alongside the people who share their lives with me! Your presence is indispensable on my birthday that will take place on the day: _//, at __ hours, at the _______ location.”

“A special date deserves to be celebrated with special people! My birthday will happen on the day: _//, at __ hours, and with your presence will be even better!” _________________________________________.

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Birthday Invitation Templates (PSD – AI)

Following are some of the best birthday invitation templates:

DIY Birthday Invitation 16

These are maximalist templates with beautiful and elegant design. Thanks to its design, you can add a lot of information. However, it has a high printing cost!

Maximalist Birthday Invitation Template

It is another maximalist birthday invitation template with a classic design. Like all other maximalist templates, it has a high printing cost!

4-in-1 Vintage Birthday Invitation Template

It is a vintage 4-in-1 birthday invitation template with an old school design. It has a comparatively high printing cost as compared to other maximalist templates!

Modren Birthday Invitation Template

It is a modern birthday invitation template with a maximalist and beautiful design. As mentioned earlier, it has a relatively high printing cost!

DIY Birthday Invitation 20

It is a simple birthday invitation template with an elegant design. It has a comparatively low printing cost as you can not include a photo in it!

DIY Birthday Invitation 21

It is a cute looking minimalist birthday invitation template for kids. You can not add a photo in due to its minimalist layout!

DIY Birthday Invitation 22

It is a simple birthday invitation template with a minimal and eye-catchy design. Unlike other minimal birthday invitation templates, you can also add a photo into it along with few necessary details!

DIY Birthday Invitation 23

It is a cute looking birthday invitation template for kids with a minimal layout. It comes with sea animal graphics and has an option to add a photo into it!

We hope that our birthday invitation phrases and templates will help you in making your birthday memorable. Do check out our other free resources!