13 Best Teacher Resume Examples (Free Templates)

Writing a ‘Teacher resume’ for an educational job is a difficult task. If you want to start your career in teaching, then the situation becomes more complicated. In this case, you need to think about writing a good curriculum for the teacher, and understanding what to expect and prepare in advance can be of great help. There are general principles that can be followed as a guideline for writing a well-respected teacher resume. The pre-packaged resume can be a great document to analyze, especially if you’re looking for inspiration and a basic template to follow. However, we don’t recommend using it to write your personal resume.

This is because it can be artificial and not specific enough. Both for the type of students to which it is proposed and for the level of teaching given. One teacher’s strengths may be different from those of another. Using a teacher resume that’s already built, you may not be able to best express what your most important qualities are.

When writing your ‘teacher resume’, it’s important to keep in mind what your tasks will be. The main goal of a good teacher is not to write the best lesson plans or to develop a perfect set of projects and assignments in the classroom.

Rather, it is a question of meeting the needs of students in such a way as to ensure that the material is easy to understand and that the lessons are sufficiently clear and exhaustive. So it’s important to emphasize your qualities that will help achieve these goals.

Today, resumes are all viewable online. For this reason, it can be useful to take a cue from the social profiles of experienced teachers. There are plenty of examples on the web to draw inspiration from when setting up your resume.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can search for a contribution among fellow teachers. Ask your mentor at the university or an experienced teacher who is willing to share his experience during the first year of work. Professional teachers are a treasure trove of information and are often more than willing to share their knowledge with others.

For those in their first year of teaching and needing to build their teacher resume for the first time, it’s important to realize that it won’t be perfect immediately. It may also take 4 or 5 revisions to achieve a result that satisfies.

Things to Add to a Teacher Resume

It will depend on your profile and your professional career. But we suggest other sections that you can include in ‘teacher resume’ :

  • References: References are of vital importance in a teacher’s CV, as they allow the new employer to learn a little more about the performance and history of the person they are looking to hire, which is especially relevant in the case of teachers working with minors.
  • You can add an interest section, but only if you have a hobby that enriches your teaching activity. For example, if you are a computer science teacher and you are interested in robotics, this enriches your teaching experience and positions you better among other candidates without this parallel activity.

Best Educational Job Resume Template

Following are some of the best ‘teacher resume’ templates:



    CV Template for Educational Jobs 04

    This is another modern educational jobs related resume template with amazing design and objects with most of the text against a white background to make it easier for the recruiter to read. You can also add your photo to it!

    CV Template for Educational Jobs 05

    This educational job resume template is modernist in its design and can be used for applying not only for teaching positions but also for other educational positions.

    CV Template for Educational Jobs 06

    This is another 2-page educational resume template with clean design, which means unlike some of the other templates, it does not contain any infographics and is best for educational jobs!

    CV Template for Educational Jobs 07

    This is a 2-page educational job resume template with an elegant design. Its white background makes it easy for the recruiter to read the text at a glance; moreover, you can also add your photo in it!

    CV Template for Educational Jobs 08

    This is a 2-page educational job resume template with amazing decent and a background that makes the text easy to read. It also gives you the ability to add your photo!

    CV Template for Educational Jobs 09

    This is a 2-page clean educational job resume template with simple design against a white background, but unlike the majority of other clean resume templates, you can add a photo in it!

      CV Template for Educational Jobs 10

      CV Template for Educational Jobs 11

      This is a modern educational job resume template with an elegant design and a modernistic look. This kind of educational job resume is best for not only teaching positions but also other educational positions!

      CV Template for Educational Jobs 12

      This is a neat educational jobs related resume template against a white background. Unlike other neat templates, you can actually add your photo. This type of template is best for all kinds of educational positions!

      CV Template for Educational Jobs 13

      This educational job resume template is clean in its design, which means unlike some of the other templates, it does not contain any unnecessary edgy graphical objects and is best for a teaching position!

      CV Template for Educational Jobs 14

      This is a simple educational resume template. Unlike some other simple templates, in this resume, not only can you add a photo, but you can add all your details in it without having to worry about space!

        Tips for Writing a Good Teacher Resume

        The best format for a ‘teacher resume’ has to be easily readable. You can use the keywords you want to highlight in bold and highlight what you think is most interesting about your resume. Also, remember that what the selector most often seeks is the teaching experience.

        To make reading easier, you also have to choose a simple, organized, and attractive design, in which you can stand out, whether it’s the experience or the section you consider. But the information has to be easily found.

        The length of the ‘teacher resume’ should be according to your experience. If you don’t have too much teaching experience, it’s not advisable to put “fill” information on your resume. A person with two years of experience, for example, should not have a two-page resume.

        It’s always better for your ‘teacher resume’ to fit on a page when possible, but if your experience is very extensive, don’t try to make it fit into a single sheet as your resume will be congested and won’t meet the goal we’re looking for, easy reading.


        In short, the important thing when writing a ‘teacher resume’ is to know how to present the information about your teaching experience and skills in a simple way, so that it allows the selector to easily identify them and call you to an interview. If you still have doubts, don’t worry, it’s normal. There is no magic formula that works for everyone. Writing a good resume for an educational job depends on many factors.

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