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Do you want to know what a ‘social worker resume’ should look like? Then don’t hesitate to read on.

Did you know that the social worker profile is one of the most in-demand today? This is mainly because there are various areas of action in which the social worker can contribute his grain of sand: marginalized groups, people at risk of social exclusion, immigrants, etc. However, in order to work as a social worker, you must bring together a number of professional qualifications and competencies essential to practice as such.

What’s the Role of a Social Worker?

Social Workers focus their efforts on helping communities improve their standard of living; in this sense, these professionals work in a variety of places, and their responsibilities vary according to their specialty. Social Workers provide consulting to the community in terms of abuse issues, psychological or psychiatric disorders, family conflicts, unemployment, or discrimination based on race, social stratum, or sexuality. They also provide counseling to minors in the custody of family foster systems, adolescents, and adults held in prisons or nursing homes in geriatrics.

Most Social Workers specialize in communities with a certain type of problem, so their work is required in a wide variety of places. These professionals are usually hired by schools, government entities, prisons, family-friendly, and geriatric support agencies.

Social Workers advise individuals or groups of people to help them overcome their problems, providing them with an environment that allows them to be cared for and develop to the point of no longer requiring the guidance and cooperation of the Social Worker.

Key functions

  1. Here are the most common functions of a Social Worker
  2. Advising individuals, families, and communities on mental and physical health
  3. Interview individuals to detect and evaluate their problems
  4. Contact Counselors, Physicians, and Nurses to plan and deliver the necessary treatment
  5. Visit individuals in their homes or in specialized centers
  6. Organize group activities and community meetings, such as group therapy, support groups, community events, among others
  7. Investigate possible cases of child abuse

What to Include in a Social Worker Resume?

It is true that the rules for writing a good social worker resume are common regardless of our specialty, but depending on the profession we play, there are certain aspects that we will have to prioritize over others. Social work couldn’t be an exception, so here are some tips to highlight the most important information on your social worker resume.

Academic training

To have a good social worker resume as a social worker, you need to give your academic career in an appropriate way.

A degree or bachelor’s degree in social work is usually the most common degree, although you can also perform this job if you have studied psychology, sociology, or services and social policy. After indicating any of these university careers, you can include those masters or postgraduate degrees related to the social work that you have done throughout your career.

Professional experience

Do you know that you can work as a social worker in both public and private entities? Therefore, in this section, you will have to write down each and every job you have held as a social worker. If you have only done internships in companies, it is also a good place to write them down.

Social worker skills

The inclusion of soft skills in a social worker resume is almost as important as the degree itself. Given that this profession is purely vocational, it is understood that persons interested in exercising this job must possess the vast majority of the following skills:

  • Good communication skills, both verbal, and written
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Sense of ethics
  • Ease of teamwork
  • A high degree of involvement
  • Knowledge of social needs
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Great adaptability

If you’ve approved Social Work competitions, it’s also a good idea to include this information on your social worker resume.

The Importance of Keywords

Businesses receive a high volume of resumes and CVs for each job. In order to cut down on the clutter, they use pre-screening software called Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). This software is used to filter out CVs and resumes that are below par. This is done by scanning for keywords or key phrases. If a ‘social worker resume’ or CV does not contain these keywords or phrases, the CVs and social worker resumes are rejected. No matter how experienced you are in your field, or how professional your CV is, if the proper keywords and phrases are not included, your social worker resume will be rejected before a hiring manager sees it.

Keywords for a Social Worker CV will vary depending on the type of position you are applying for. Basic examples of keywords for Social Workers are:

  • Community organizing
  • Community outreach
  • Counselor
  • Development
  • Case management
  • Fundraising
  • Human services
  • Program Specialist

It is necessary to proofread your Social Worker CV for errors. Any errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling will mean your CV will be rejected. If you are unsure about your proofreading skills, feel free to use an online grammar checker or pay a proofreader to go over your CVs.

Social Worker Resume Templates



    CV Examples for Social Worker Jobs 03

    This social worker job resumes and CV template is simple in design, thus, perfectly appropriate for everyone who is applying for any kind of job in the sphere of social work.

    CV Examples for Social Worker Jobs 04

    This is another clean social worker resume but what makes it different is that it’s not just a single resume template but a whole set of resume templates.

    CV Examples for Social Worker Jobs 05

    This is a simple yet elegant resume and CV templates for anyone applying for a social worker job. Its simple design makes it look professional.

      CV Examples for Social Worker Jobs 06

      CV Examples for Social Worker Jobs 07

      This is one of those clean social worker resume and CV templates which is clean in its design, unlike some of the other templates in this list.

      CV Examples for Social Worker Jobs 08

      This is another clean social worker resume and CV template which is simple in design. These kinds of templates are best for anyone applying for a social worker position.

        How Does a Well-Formatted Resume Help in Job Hunting ?

        A well-formatted resume is one of the most important and despised tools for winning a job.  Thus, HR professionals will be more likely to evaluate and select hidden talents, and professionals will be able to make better use of the few opportunities that the market offers.

        We live surrounded by information, all accessible at a click, and even so, people still insist on not devoting the least amount of time and energy to describe their professional profiles. Some unemployed professionals would be able to pay their first salary to get a job but are not able to devote 8 hours to writing, organizing, and formatting their resumes accordingly. Doesn’t that sound incongruous?

         A well-formatted resume is still the main tool used in the selection process. Although the selections have evolved and new techniques and methodologies have been incorporated to facilitate the selection of talents, the screening of resumes is still present in the vast majority of the selection processes applied by the companies.

        Therefore, you will only earn a job if your social worker resume properly describes your profile. Remember: resume screening is the first phase. Therefore, any problem already eliminates you from the selection process.

        Final Words

        The social work career focuses on helping others outperform themselves. These professionals work with a passion for achieving a positive change in the social conditions of their community; hence these people must be committed to society.

        It is important to bear in mind that to enter this sector, that experience is a determining factor, which can be acquired through voluntary work in community centers, geriatrics, homes or orphanages, and other entities dedicated to the social assistance of those in need.

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