6+ CV Examples for Human Resource Jobs

Human resource personnel are those who are responsible for hiring the workforce, managing the moral of the workforce and tending to its every need. They are responsible for being informed on labor laws, the companies hiring practices, benefits and recruiting employees. Job titles within the Human Resources division include: human resource assistant, personnel assistant manager, learning manager, and human resource clerk. ‘

Those applying for positions for positions as Human Resource personnel must often fill out a CV. We will start with a quick guide that covers very important points to write HR CV and will end with free CV examples for human resource jobs to give you best examples for professional CV in related jobs.

How to write a Human Resources CV

A CV is also called a Curriculum Vitae. CV’s are similar to resumes in that they are a way to introduce yourself to a prospective employer. Where the resume is a short, one page document, the CV is several pages in length. CV’s are a way for individuals to expand on their educational background, achievements, awards and any published papers.

 What is a Human Resources CV?

A Human Resources CV is designed for those entering the human resources field. When you compose your Human Resources CV, it is important that your CV be focused on specifics that deal with human resources. For example, if you have won awards, written papers or obtained achievements that have no relevance to your field, do not include them.

How to Start A Human Resources CV

When you start your CV, gather your personal data, as well as decide on the format for your CV. Each CV you write should be unique and geared toward the job qualifications of that particular job posting. Examine the qualifications of each job posting and center your CV around those qualifications. Many CV’s require a cover letter, so when you are finished with your CV, remember to compose a cover letter for it.

CV Examples for Human Resource Jobs: Using Templates and Samples

In order to create an eye catching Human Resources CV with that polished, professional look, CV examples for Human Resource Jobs are indispensable resources. These CV templates and samples all have their own formatting scheme, so choose the one that best fits your job posting. Templates and samples are guides and serve to assist you in correct placement of your educational background, skill sets, work history and achievements.

What to Include In Your Human Resources CV

The information and the order it is presented will depend on the type of job posting you are replying to, and the formatting style you choose. Below is a basic list of factors to consider when gathering your personal data for your CV:

  • Professional Experience
  • Skill sets
  • Educational Background
  • Achievements
  • Published papers

The Importance of Keywords in Your Human Resources CV

Due to the large number of resumes and CVs that enter human resources every day, companies use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). This software scans each resume or CV for specific keywords and phrases. No matter how perfectly your formatting is, if your CV does not include certain keywords or phrases, no hiring manager will see it. Examples of keywords for the Human Resources CV are:

  • Restructured
  • Organized
  • Managed
  • Trained
  • Implemented
  • Proposed
  • Improved
  • Supervised

Remember to look up specific keywords for your particular concentration in the human resources environment and implement them.


Your Human Resources CV is stunning, stellar and has a perfectly formatted layout. However, none of that matters if your CV has spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. If you doubt your proofreading skills, you can use any number of free online proofreading tools, or hire a proofreader to go over all of your CVs when you are finished.

Our website is providing you with up to 4 different Human Resources Templates. These Human Resources Templates are designed to provide you with the proper layout in order to achieve a professional CV. These CV examples for Human Resource Jobs were created with you in mind in order to provide the best layout for your particular needs, and get you one step closer to that dream job.


CV Examples for Human Resource Jobs (Downloadable)

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