Drug / Crime Free Lease Addendum (5 Free Templates)

A Crime Free Lease addendum is a separate document from a lease agreement; a legal document that binds both property owner and tenant through established criminal and drug policies for home or dwelling.

When a tenant agrees to the set down rules, it means that they comply to nor enable or engage in any criminal activities, neither engage in any activity involving drugs within the said property and will bear the consequences of such acts if they do. That is the purpose of the crime free lease addendum.

This understanding protects the landlord from implications from tenant’s discrepancies and modulates the actions of tenants The property owner usually executes the crime free lease addendum in conjunction with lease renewal or initial signing. These guidelines bind the tenant for a period clearly specified in the lease.

Basic Contents

While there is no hard and fast rule for writing a crime free lease addendum, there are key elements required to make it a complete and legal document.

These include:

Date and execution of the addendum: A date serves for reference and makes a document professional and legal. Should a court summon the property owner, a dated document is more valid than one that is not.

Name of parties (landlord and tenant): On the crime free lease addendum, it is pertinent for the name of both parties to be present. This saves future disagreements, and in the absence of one party, this document confirms their involvement.

Property address: A clear property address should be present on the crime- and drug-free lease addendum to prevent confusions

Criminal activities: The landlord may choose to clearly state the criminal activities that the prospective tenant should avoid within the document and forestall future arguments that may arise. These may include theft, mafia/gang activities, riots, and drug-related criminal activities.

The property owner and tenant signatures: Both parties signify that they agree to all terms of the document.

How to Write a Crime Free Lease Addendum

These steps will guide you to writing a perfect crime free lease addendum;

Step 1: Heading

The document’s heading should be precise and cover the theme of the document.


Step 2: Document body

This includes all the terms of agreement, crime and drug guidelines. These terms should be plain and easy to comprehend. They most importantly include a section dedicated to crimes that the tenant is disallowed to commit on the premises and the right that you possess to evict the tenant in case they get involved in any sort of the crimes enlisted before. They should also be logical and within the confines of state laws.


The Owner and Tenant agree in consideration of the renewal or execution lease of the property mentioned in the lease to the following:

The tenant and all members of the tenant’s household or guests shall not indulge in:

-Activities that pose threats to the safety, health, or ability of other tenants to peacefully enjoy amenities provided on the premises; includes the management staff and the yard help

-Drug-related activities, including illegal drug use, manufacture, and drug sales or distribution in the premises; this is in relation to the state drug law act

-A pattern use of drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substances that may put other tenants at risk violent acts within and around the premises

-Activities that propel illegal activities

-The property owner reserves the right to evict the tenant and members of their household that are fleeing to avoid arrest or legal actions.

-The property owner reserves the right to evict the tenant and members of their household that interfere with the law or harbor a criminal.

Step 3: Document text format

In the crime free lease addendum, these elements are necessary;

Date of Addendum Execution:  This is the date of issuance of the lease addendum and the date from which the document becomes effective and binding on the tenant, e.g., 20th September 20xx.

Name of landlord: The document is to have the name of the property owner or company that possesses the said document for ease of identification, e.g., Harold Jeanne.

Name of Tenant: The legal document must have the name of the tenant that is to occupy the said property, e.g., Innia Scott

Property Address: The document should also contain exact information about the said property. This includes the exact address and type of property and encompasses information on the type of property such as a condominium, apartment, or house, e.g., 4433 Public Works Drive, Chattanooga Tennessee.


This crime- and drug-free lease addendum is present in the lease document executed on 20th September 2020. Between the property owner Harold Jeanne and the tenant Innia Scott, for the landholding at 4433 Public Works Drive, the City of Chattanooga, State of Tennessee.

Free Agreement Templates

Perhaps, some templates will give you a range of options to broaden your choices. It is important that the crime free lease addendum follow the flow of your lease document, and the terms are easy to comprehend. You may be new to drawing up an addendum or in need of a top-notch addendum document. Here, we have templates that fit into every one of your specifications, and you can download them from our website. You should check it out!








    In business, everything is a risk. However, every business person makes more profit by avoiding nonprofit risks. The crime free lease addendum is an out for both tenant and property owner and should be compulsory for every lease execution.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you break a lease due to drugs?

    Breaking a lease comes with serious consequences. However, a crime free lease addendum protects both the property owner and tenant. So, drugs can become a legal matter, and you may be able to break your lease through legal actions.

    Is the landlord responsible for illegal activity?

    The written legal document, the crime free lease addendum, exempts the property owner from the consequences of the illegal activities of their tenant.

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