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Confirmation Letter Template

A confirmation letter template is a document used by companies or an individual to confirm anything with a written letter from another company or individual.

They are letters used quite often by organizations, individuals, and businesses daily, for various purposes. Broadly, speaking most of them are used for recognizing some previous agreement or verify particular information requested.

Confirmation letters can serve as formal document, because it summarizes verbal agreement entered by two parties. Most people in business use confirmation letter as formal document, to keep it as record or acknowledgement for particular activities.

Situations for Use of Confirmation Letters

  • Employer would send job seeker letter to confirm time and date of interview. Likewise, the job seeker responds in their letter saying they will attend interview.
  • You may need to provide letter to confirm marital status for instances like immigration.
  • A business can send a letter to confirm order from another business.
  • A property owner can write letter to tenants verifying their residence, whereby a tenant could be applying a loan.

The actual objective is determining that two or more parties are commonly dealing with one thing. This helps to avoid possible confusion, which may arise for the case of verbal communication. The confusion can be linked to things like date, time or venue.

Sample of Confirmation Letter

free confirmation letter


Confirmation Letter for Business Dinner

editable confirmation letter


Interview Confirmation Letter Format

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Tips for Writing a Confirmation Letter

Company’s letterhead is very important when writing such letter. The use of letterhead makes it official and formal document of company. The important thing is to include address and full name of recipient. Above salutation, include proper title of letter; it helps in increasing the impact.

Starting the Letter with Salutation

The proper salutation will display your acknowledgement and greetings. When writing confirmation letter, make sure to use formal salutation. The salutations follow with title and name of recipient. Dear MS/Mrs./Mrs. is commonly used salutations. Before including Mrs., make sure to confirm recipient is someone married.


Whether writing such letter to get personal or business matter, it is very important to be brief and direct to point. In first paragraph, avoid lame sentences. While writing the letter, there is no need to deal much with introductory information. In the first paragraph, outline details relating to confirmation subject. For the case, you are writing to confirm receiving some products, mention all details as far as it is concerned in first paragraph.


Include all relevant information concerning the subject. Generally, mention all terms and the condition about the agreement. Mention responsibilities to the different task. Whenever you request recipient to own up some responsibility, make sure to ask for confirmation. In such circumstances, you should emphasize confirmation to be in writing. This will help in preventing future misunderstanding or complications.


Make sure to request for appropriate follow up. The additional lines in the paragraph are supposed to encourage recipient in getting in back to you. You should make recipient feel most comfortable in discussing issues or problems with you.


Make use such terms like,

  • Sincerely,
  • Regards,
  • Thank you
  • Respectfully

Soon after using either of the above terms, you include name and signature.

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