9+ Client Meeting Agenda Template Samples

A client meeting agenda is a guiding model created to hold a client meeting of any trust, board, business or a similar company. The crucial facts of this specific tool must be per-determined and inevitable to ensure that the clients are accountable for particular achievements and goals.

Structuring the Agenda

Some writing tips of meeting agenda are as below :

  • Purpose

This includes the aims and objectives along with the meeting history. For instance, if the meeting is the first of its kind related to the matter the aims and objectives.

  • Planning

Planning an agenda includes the venue of the meeting, time, date and the list of invitees.

  • Items

Items are the heart and soul of the agenda. Every item must comprise of a title, a number, a lead/ presenter along with the estimated time span of the discussion.

  • Housekeeping

Housekeeping includes introductions, welcome and apology notes for any absence in the meeting. Moreover, it lays out all discussions and issues resulting from preceding minutes of the meeting which have not been addressed anywhere else in the agenda.

  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Various client meeting agendas conclude with the “Any Other Business (AOB)” item. Though this item is a great way for attendees to mark any matter to be included in an upcoming meeting, it also gives a disruptive impact on the entire course of the discussion.

  • Close

The end of the agenda includes the synopsis of the meeting which is given by chair, the time and date of the future meeting, the facts and figures agreed upon and who is responsible for carrying out the decided activities.

Organizational Client Meeting Agenda Format

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Sample of Effective Client Meeting Agenda Template

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Client Meeting Agenda Template for Product

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Board Client Meeting Agenda Template Format

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New Client Meeting Agenda Example

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Sample of Client Annual Board Meeting Agenda

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Client Meeting Protocol Agenda Template Format

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Client Meeting Agenda for Leadership & Recruitment Innovation

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Sample of Meeting Agenda Checklist for Prospective Client

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A fresh and well-mannered client agenda keep the mood energetic throughout the meeting and serves several functions, before, during and after a meeting. Following are the key elements required in a professional agenda for client meetings: 


As a program is a brief document, it serves as an ideal tool to gain back anyone’s attention easily and quickly during the meeting in case they divert from the main topic. 

Allows Invitees To Be Prepared Beforehand: 

Besides other documents, an agenda provides attendees with the right information needed to let them understand the matters that will be addressed to and come up with better solutions. This improves their contribution in the meeting. 

Allows Invitees To Decide If They Should Attend The Meeting Or Not:

By laying out the timeline and facts that will be highlighted in the meeting, an agenda allows potential invitees to decide if the meeting is worth attending or whether they should contribute towards it through another attendee or in writing. 

Structures A Path Via Which The Meeting’s Outcome Is Determined: 

As the agenda consists of the aims and objectives of the meeting, it is straightforward for the attendees to decide if the meeting will fulfill all its goals or not. 

Putting in the time and efforts to create an agenda surely turns out to be worthwhile. If a meeting achieves its goals and is well run, clients will be more motivated to attend them shortly, thereby generating more business in the long term.