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21 Best Christmas Party Invitation Templates (PSD | AI)

The Christmas holidays are very important to everyone. These are dates when moments of peace and love are shared with those around us. Thus, being all the people who make up the company a fundamental part of their life and its development. It’s a great opportunity to say thank you for the work and to feel part of something important.

Celebrating Christmas is a tradition that many families partake in annually. One of the critical features of this event is the Christmas party. The party typically is a gathering where families come together and enjoy each other’s company. Christmas parties can be formal or informal, festive or mellow. Christmas parties also vary in terms of who can attend them. They may be open to everyone or limited to specific individuals. Sending out Christmas party invitations is one way to promote a festive and welcoming environment.

This article discusses some of the key features of a well-written Christmas party invitation. We will also provide you with free, easy-to-use Christmas party invitation templates to help you write a great invitation.

Office Decoration

If you want to start celebrating Christmas from the start, the workspace decor is a good starting point. Ideally, the modern and creative decor will be the best option. It is a question of not abusing the classic decorations on the one hand and not adopting minimalisms.

For this, there are plenty of alternatives to decorate the offices in a beautiful and modern way. What does DIY decor look like to you? Each of the workers can create and bring decorative elements. In this way, it will be a space adapted by those who are part of it and will encourage the involvement of its workers with the company.

Have Breakfast Together

What could be more Christmasy than spending time with your team? Start this season together and have a coffee, so you will also be developing links between the different departments. Starting the day exchanging ideas between everyone will create a better (if possible!) work environment and foster teamwork. You will add points if you also ask each worker to bring something different to share with colleagues at breakfast time.

Dress Code

If the workplace has a strict code for the clothing each employee should wear, why not “extinguish” it during those days? Whenever there are no important meetings or customer visits that require more formalities, it is not a bad idea to allow workers to go to the office in a more relaxed and convenient way. For those who like to risk more, why not relax the atmosphere even more and do a Christmas sweater contest? Almost everyone has one. You’ll see how the bravest participate!

Preparing for Christmas Dinner

Traditionally, the celebration of Christmas in companies takes place through a joint supper between bosses and employees. What if this year you choose to have the famous brunch? Anyway, you should try to make it a fun party and leave a good memory for everyone. To give a dynamic touch to the supper, we propose some ideas:

Invisible friend

It’s a classic that can’t miss any company Christmas party. There are many web tools that, in addition to collecting names and pairing them randomly, send notifications to those involved.

Theme party

Why not give the party tap and propose a theme? Costume party, take some Christmas add-on, glasses or wigs… Imagination to power!

Prizes for the best

Invent fun prizes and deliver them during dinner. Keep in mind that awards must be innocent and should not “hurt” anyone. Certainly, while reading this article has already occurred to you some ideas associated with your employees.

Collaborative playlist

Another good idea is to liven up dinner with a list of songs selected by all workers. This way, both Britney Spears fans and the heavyset will be on the lookout!

The last survivor

It consists of writing, anonymously, and fun challenges on pieces of paper. Each employee must take one blind and will have all night to meet the challenge. Whoever realizes it wins! The prize? We leave it to your choice…

These are some proposals to give a fun and festive touch to the company’s Christmas dinner, without passing or falling into inappropriate behaviors. With a little creativity, we can convert the typical annual supper into a memorable event. In addition, in addition to leaving smiles and good memories to employees, it is a good team-building activity and a good employer branding deed.

Best Christmas Invitation Templates

Following are some of the best Christmas invitation templates:

Christmas Party Invitation 01

With a decent background, this merry Christmas card template is more minimalist without failing to have the face of the Christmas party! This kind of template can be used by everyone from individuals to bars and restaurants.

Christmas Party Invitation 02

A much nicer Christmas party invitation flyer poster, with a bunch of Santa Claus against a dark background! This kind of  Christmas party invitation template is best for bars and restaurants.

Christmas Party Invitation 03

A maximalist merry Christmas card invitation template with a black background, white letters and exquisite floral details! If you have a decent budget to cover printing cost this should be your go-to option.

Christmas Party Invitation 04

The background is illuminated by the Christmas balls, revealing the warm colors of Christmas. This jingle jam Christmas invitation template is the best option for the bars and restaurants.

Christmas Party Invitation 06

A 2-in-1 Christmas party invitation template with a simple yet elegant design! It is best invitation template for you if you have a decent budget to cover paper and printing cost.

Christmas Party Invitation 07

A maximalist Christmas cocktail invitation template with a vibrant background and gift wrapping! This Christmas cocktail invitation template is the best option for the bars and restaurants.

Christmas Party Invitation 08

Christmas Party Invitation 09

A 2-in-1 Christmas invitation template with mistletoe crown and very contemporary design! It is best merry Christmas invitation card for you if you have a decent budget to cover paper and printing costs.

Christmas Party Invitation 10

An invitation in square format, completely dark with golden elements and many Christmas stars! This kind of template can be used by everyone from individuals to bars and restaurants.

Christmas Party Invitation 11

A Christmas is coming flyer template with a black background, red letters, and details of green pine leaves! This kind of template is best for bars and restaurants to announce upcoming celebrations!

Christmas Party Invitation 12

A merry Christmas invitation card template with very minimalist Christmas balls! This kind of template can be used by everyone from individuals to bars and restaurants.

Christmas Party Invitation 13

A Christmas winter white party invitation template with a white background, and alpine trees! This kind of template can be used everywhere, both at home and in offices.

Christmas Party Invitation 14

A very curious invitation template, with a reindeer inviting you to the ugly sweater party! This kind of template can be only used at home or bars. It cannot be used in office Christmas parties.

Christmas Party Invitation 15

A Christmas invitation red carpet invitation template in the purest Mexican style! This kind of  Christmas party invitation template is best for restaurants only.

Christmas Party Invitation 16

An invitation template with Christmas trees in which you can insert your family photo! This kind of merry Christmas card is best for anyone with decent budget.

Christmas Party Invitation 17

No words to define the beauty of this template! The luminous tree in the party invitation of the company's fraternization party inspires all the magic of Christmas!

Christmas Party Invitation 18

A square invitation template, more childish, and with many elements linked to Christmas! This kind of template can be only used at home or bars.

Christmas Party Invitation 19

A 4-in-1 invitation template with nice cheers written in a very elegant style! This kind of template can be used by everyone from individuals to bars and restaurants.

Christmas Party Invitation 20

A Christmas holiday party  invitation template with an elegant design, to wish merry Christmas at the same time, in shades of red, brown, and white!

Christmas Party Invitation 21

A merry Christmas invitation template where you can insert your background wedding photo! If you are a newly wedded couple this merry Christmas invitation template is the best option for you.

    So don’t forget that Christmas is the perfect time to strengthen relationships with your employees so that they feel at ease working in your company with a friendly atmosphere and a united group.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should you not do at a Christmas party?

    People’s most common mistake at Christmas parties is sending out late invitations. The guest list should be sent out at least 6-8 weeks before the party. This gives time for guests to prepare for the event and plan their outfits. Another common mistake people make is sending out too many invitations. Too many people at a Christmas party may disrupt the event. Instead, bring only the number of people you want to invite to the party or limit it to a specific type of guest (i.e., kids, parents, and grandparents).

    How should you behave at an office Christmas party?

    There are several unwritten rules for celebrating the holidays at an office party. First, do not drink too much. You do not want to jeopardize your job or embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues. Second, be friendly and polite to everyone. It is outstanding to mingle with different people or hang out with your old friends; however, make sure you are respectful to everyone. Third, have a great time! Christmas parties are meant to be lighthearted and fun. When you are at the party, be in the moment and enjoy your colleagues’ company.

    What is the objective of a Christmas party?

    The objective of a Christmas party is to bring together people who are part of a culture of celebration. The gathering allows individuals to enjoy each other’s company, merrymaking, and festive decoration. It also provides an opportunity for people to socialize, relax and have fun together.

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