10 Free Christmas Newsletter Templates to Create Christmas Themed E-Newsletters

During the holidays people are filled with holiday cheer and would like to write a personal letter to their friends, family, or relatives. However, the average person does not have the time to write a dozen or more Christmas letters to their friends and relatives. It is more efficient to send off a Christmas newsletter with details and updates on the family and their Christmas plans for this year.

Of course, a small business or large corporation would like to share holiday news with their clients. What do they both have in common. Both would certainly prefer using Christmas Newsletter Templates to make the entire process faster and more efficient. Here are a few tips on Christmas Newsletter preparation to consider.

Christmas Newsletter Tips: Address the newsletter to a specific person, to make it more personal. Add a bit of humor to the newsletter. This makes the newsletter well appreciated and more apt to be enjoyed. Add special interest by including photographs of holiday scenes or individuals. Share important news about the family, friends, or the company that would be of interest to the reader. Do not add anything that is controversial to the newsletter. Keep the newsletter friendly and fun.

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Use these Christmas Newsletter Templates

Are you searching for a professional quality Christmas Newsletter Template? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. These Christmas Newsletter Templates are designed to be used by anyone who wants to create a Christmas themed newsletter to send to friends, family, or clients. Easily edit the templates with MS Word. It is also easy to customize the template with your own logos or delete any information that is on the template. Get started creating a very memorable Christmas Newsletter with the templates that are included here.

Check Some Premium Templates for Christmas Shopping and Email Newsletters

Christmas Shopping and Email Newsletter 01

Christmas Shopping and Email Newsletter 02

Christmas E-Commerce E-Newsletter Template PSD

Christmas Themed Newsletter Template for Emails and Print

Free Christmas Newsletter Template 01

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Free Christmas Newsletter Template 03

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