20 Perfect Chinese Cuisine Menu Templates & Ideas

Are you thinking about starting a Chinese restaurant? This guide will not just introduce you to the very diverse Chinese cuisine but will also provide you with the Chinese restaurant menu template. Follow till the end! Chinese cuisine, with its long history, unique characteristics, many styles, and refinement, is an important part of Chinese cuisine. Traditional Chinese dishes are famous for their colors, aromas, tastes, meaning, and appearance.

If you have just booked your holidays, hotels, or trips to China organized, you should prepare for everything this ancient culture has to show you. One of the aspects that will surprise you the most is the typical food of china, summed up in dishes of special flavor and mostly seasoned with vegetables. Chinese cuisine dishes have very, intense flavors.

They use lots of fresh vegetables like mushrooms, bamboo, and even tofu. In northern China, wheat-based accompaniments, such as noodles and steamed buns, dominate the table, in contrast to southern China, where rice is the favorite. The sticky, short-grained rice, grown throughout southern China, is absolutely a must-have in Chinese cuisine.

China’s 8 Culinary Traditions

The typical Chinese cuisine food is as diverse as its culture: each region has its own menu and its typical dishes. Cooking styles, ingredients, flavors: they all differ from region to region. The most important regional cuisines in China are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan, and Zhejiang.

  • Cantonese cuisine: Cantonese cuisine is renowned across the globe for its distinctive taste. Most dishes are steamed and fried, making it healthy and not too heavy.
  • Shandong Cuisine: Shandong cuisine originated in eastern China and mainly features seafood dishes, as it is a coastal province. You’ll find scallops, prawns, clams, sea cucumbers on almost every menu. They rely heavily on savory flavors.
  • Zhejiang Cuisine: Zhejiang cuisine is also nourished by seafood but focuses more on soft, fresh flavors. Your food has a delicate appearance. They also like to use bamboo shoots.
  • Jiangsu Cuisine: Similarly, dishes from the Jiangsu region are known for their soft texture. In the past, it was a prominent part of the royal cuisine of ancient China. Its dishes offer a balance of sweet and savory flavors.
  • Sichuan cuisine: Sichuan cuisine stands out for its bold, spicy, and spicy flavors very spicy. This regional Chinese cuisine is for those who love the spicy taste.
  • Anhui cuisine: Anhui’s kitchen uses a wide variety of herbs and vegetables, especially fresh bamboo and mushrooms. It also uses many wild herbs to improve taste and aroma.
  • Fujian Cuisine: Fujian cuisine has many broths and soups, opting more for cooking styles such as stew, steamed cooking, and boiled dishes.
  • Hunan’s Kitchen: Hunan’s cuisine is known for its spicy flavor, fresh aroma, and deep color. This province is popularly known as the “fish and rice land”. It is famous for its stews, but its cuisine also has many cooked and baked dishes.

Most Popular Chinese Cuisine Dishes

Here are the 15 most popular Chinese cuisine dishes:

Imperial Chicken

The imperial chicken, or Kung Pao chicken, is a famous specialty of Sichuan cuisine, very popular with Chinese and foreigners. The main ingredients are diced chicken, dried chili, and fried peanuts.

There is a western variant of imperial chicken, in which the diced chicken is covered with cornstarch, and accompanied by vegetables, a sweet and sour sauce, and a garlic puree.

Kung Pao

Tofu Ma Po

The “Ma Po tofu” is one of the most famous Chinese cuisine foods in Chuan cuisine, with a history of more than 100 years. The Ma character describes a spicy and pungent taste that comes from pepper powder, a type of condiment usually used in Chuan cuisine.

Milky tofu is enriched with beef and chopped green onions. This is truly a delicious dish.


Peking Lacquered Duck

The Peking Lacquered Duck is a world-famous Chinese cuisine food from the Chinese capital and is considered one of China’s national dishes.

The lacquered duck is appreciated for its thin, crispy skin. Sliced Peking duck is often eaten with pancakes, sweet bean sauce, or soy with garlic puree. This is a dish to taste in Beijing!


Braised pork meatballs in sauce

Braised pork dumplings in the sauce are also known as “Chinese meatballs” because many customers call them that. If you like meatballs and spaghetti, chances are you’ll also enjoy Chinese meatballs. The sauce, very smooth and fragrant, is like a “drug” because your taste buds will always want more.


Sichuan pork

Sichuan pork is a well-known Chinese cuisine food of Sichuan cuisine. These are spicy poached pork slices.

Cooking pork by sautéing it in a frying pan consumes a lot of, oil and it is easy to overcook the meat. Thus, instead, the pork is boiled in water with a coating made of egg white and starch in order to preserve its freshness and tenderness.

Meat broth is a typical Sichuan cuisine that has a peppery and spicy taste. When you eat it, you may find that each piece of meat is very juicy and has a fresh and fragrant spicy aroma.


Shrimps with vermicelli and garlic

Shrimps with vermicelli and garlic is a Chinese cuisine food not only appreciated by foreigners but also by the younger generation of Chinese in recent years.

This steamed dish brings out the aroma of all the ingredients it contains. The pronounced taste of garlic with a seafood sauce is perfectly matched by the freshness of juicy shrimp. The vermicelli below absorbs every drop of this tasty juice. Finally, the secret of the delicacy of this dish lies in the Chinese yellow wine that captures the aroma and enhances the flavor of this dish.


Sweet-wing pork

Sweet and sour pork has a very bright orange-red color and a delicious sweet and sour taste.

Originally, this dish was made only with pork, but to meet demand, pork can be replaced with other ingredients such as chicken or beef.

Sweet pork

Hotpot – Chinese fondue

The “Hotpot” is a “dish” that distinguishes true lovers of Chinese cuisine. If you enjoy hotpot more than fried rice, chow mein, and dim sum, then you are a true fan of Chinese cuisine.

The secret to whether a hotpot is good or not lies in the broth in which all the slices of meat and vegetables are cooked. In general, you can choose the flavor of your broth: broth with the scent of mushrooms, tomatoes, with an authentic or spicy taste. However, the flavor may be different depending on the choice of sauce that accompanies the meat. There are hundreds of kinds of hotpots. One of the classics is peanut butter with crushed garlic and a chopped onion seasoned with sesame oil.


Fried shrimp with cashew nuts

The dish of fried shrimp with cashew nuts is another popular dish with foreigners in China. It’s all said in his name. You can try the delicate peeled shrimp and crispy cashews. Shrimps are always very tender and juicy. In addition, they are easy to handle. If you are traveling with children, it is both a nutritional and wise choice!

Cashew shrimps

Wontons (Hundun)

Since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Chinese have had a habit of eating wontons, or hunduns, on the winter solstice.

Wontons are most often triangle-shaped, similar to Italian tortellini. They are usually boiled and served in a soup or sometimes fried. The filling of wontons can be ground pork or diced shrimp.



With a long history of more than 1800 years, ravioli is a very popular traditional Chinese cuisine food in northern China. The ravioli consists of minced meat and vegetables wrapped in a thin piece of dough.

The most popular toppings are ground pork, diced shrimp, ground chicken, beef, and vegetables. They can be boiled, steamed, or fried. Ravioli is a traditional Chinese New Year’s Eve dish.

Ravioli 1

Sautéed noodles

Sautéed noodles, or “chow mein” according to Cantonese pronunciation, is a popular dish. Generally speaking, this dish includes noodles, meat (usually chicken, beef, or pork), onions, and celery.

To make sautéed noodles, noodles must be cooked in boiling water for a long time. After they are cooled, then sauté them in the oil.


Yangchow fried rice

Yangchow fried rice ( Yungzh-ur- chuofàn) is a classic fried rice dish that you will need to taste if you are traveling to Yangzhou. It is in this city that the chefs prepare the best dish of fried rice. Thus, this dish distinguished itself from thousands of other types of fried rice from China and thus got its own name.

The basic ingredients of this tasty Yangchow dish are shelled shrimp, diced ham, carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, beaten eggs, and corn. When all these ingredients have been cooked, and their aromas have been highlighted, they are sautéed in the pan with the rice until the dish gets a golden yellow color.

Fried rice

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Spring rolls

Spring rolls are cylindrical Cantonese dim sum. They can be garnished with vegetables or meat, and the taste can be sweet or salty.

Once the filling is wrapped in the spring rolls, the spring rolls are fried and give the spring rolls their golden yellow color.

It is a particularly popular dish in the provinces of Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Spring rolls

Steamed vermicelli rolls

The rolls of steamed vermicelli (Chung fun) are certainly among the must-haves of Dimsun dishes. They are not only an expert choice in Guangzhou tea rooms, morning tea in restaurants, and night markets filled with street food (street food), but they are also a treat for many people’s breakfasts in middle-class restaurants in China.

White leaves of rice starch are garnished with various ingredients. The most popular are beef/pork, shrimp, and even oysters, as well as mushrooms, eggs, lettuce, watercress, etc. The rolls are steamed until the flavors mix together. Then they are seasoned with peanut oil, soy sauce, chili sauce, or sesame paste according to each person’s preferences.


Chinese Restaurant Menu Templates

Following are some of the best menu templates, which can level up your game and help you gain a competitive advantage:








Thai Restaurant Menu Free

korean Restaurant Menu Sample

Restaurant Menu Free Sample

Elegant Food Menu Sample

Editable Free Restaurant Menu Sample

    Chinese Restaurant Menu Designs 09

    This is an amazing looking standard restaurant food flyer. It is perfect for those Chinese food restaurants or those restaurants where there is considerable demand for the Chinese. Like the one mentioned, above this template can also be used for promos on either website, social media, or food magazines.

    Chinese Restaurant Menu Designs 10

    This Sushi dinner, which can also be used as a flyer or ad, is one of those templates which falls under “today’s special” category. This kind of template is perfect for those restaurants which specialize in offering Sushi, but it’s not a compulsion, and it can also be used in other restaurants too.

    Chinese Restaurant Menu Designs 11

    This tri-fold Chinese restaurant template is designed to be a standalone template, which means that you can put the whole exclusive list, everything your restaurant or catering service is offering in it. This template is best suited for those Chinese or Asian restaurant which offers a wide range of dishes.

    Chinese Restaurant Menu Designs 12

    This is a classic, king-size tri-fold Chinese fast food menu template. The best thing about this menu flyer template is that unlike other such menu templates, it can include anything and everything that is being offered by the restaurants. Due to its large size, this fast-food menu flyer is best suited for the restaurants which are solely offering Chinese food- aka the Chinese food restaurants.

    Chinese Restaurant Menu Designs 13

    This is a large size menu flyer template with a maximalist design. It is best suited for medium to high-end restaurants, which have a budget to spend on ad space in food magazines, it can be used by any restaurant offering specifically Chinese food or Asian food. It can also be used by those catering services offering Chinese food.

      Chinese Restaurant Menu Designs 14

      This is one of traditional, yet beautiful single-page food menu template which can be used within restaurants to be hand over to the customers or to be placed on the table. This kind of template can be used in any template which is serving Chinese food or in any food bar or catering.


        We hope that this would help get into the basics of Chinese cuisine, and you would also have found our list of menu templates helpful. To help your business, we have tons of other resources to check out!

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