6 Free Catering Invoice Templates (Edit & Printable)

When starting your catering business, you will have to anticipate your costs and draft a document that outlines the prices. You must communicate the catering services and prices before the event to avoid inconveniencing the client. Catering is a fast-paced thrill job; however, it is more than just food service. To start, run, and scale the business, one must set up a system to get paid. Professional and well-organized invoicing is an integral part of this.

Elements of Catering Invoice Template

When one is assigning their catering invoice template, they must ensure that it is clear who it is from and who it is to. To do this and make sure that you are well organized is to come up with a numbering system that makes sense for your business. Information to be contained in your catering invoice template should include:

  • Contact Information
    • Company name
    • Phone number
    • Company website
    • Phone number
  • Client’s Information
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Mailing address
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice Date

Itemizing your Catering Invoice Template

Providing as much information as possible about the products and/or services provided on your invoice is very important and helps you avoid any delays in getting paid. It is also important that you be transparent as possible when sending the invoice, making sure that you specify your rates, applicable taxes as well as your terms for payments. Make sure that your catering invoice template has the following:

Service Details: when describing the services, you are providing, make sure that the information is clear and easy to understand as possible. If there are any other charges, e.g., trucking charges, make sure to include them separately on the invoice.

Service Date: adding an invoice date is optional, even though it is important to include it in your invoice. If you decide to include it, make sure it is the date that you performed the catering services.

Description: Be specific and to the point. For instance, if you are catering a birthday party, you may want to say something like “fried chicken for 20 guests.” Being clear and descriptive makes it easy for the client to understand what the bill is for, thereby making it easy for you to get paid.

Billing rate: depending on the type of products and/or services you are offering, the billing rate may vary, you may decide to bill on either hourly, based on quantity or even flat rate. Some of the cost factors to consider when adding the billing rate include:

  • The number of guests
  • Cost per person for both kids and adults
  • Hours of work
  • Up charging for seasonally busy times and holidays
  • Overage fees for overtime
  • Equipment to be used
  • Travel expenses

Notes: most catering businesses that have been in the game for a long time usually rely on customer loyalty, and adding a personal touch to the invoice can go a long way. You can decide to add a thank you note that says “Hope to see you again” or “thank you for your business,” this section can go a long way in helping you make a great last impression.

Terms and Conditions: the last and most important thing that must be included in your catering invoice template is your terms and conditions of the payment section. Note that, if you are sending the catering invoice to an international customer or vendor, make sure to clarify the type of currency you are invoicing in and add any other important details like local or industry-related requirements to your invoice.

Catering Invoice Templates

Our catering invoice templates are designed to meet all your billing needs. Download and use our free catering invoice templates today and make a professional invoice. After downloading the template, make sure to tailor it to fit your business; upload and save your contact information, and you cater company logo, then clearly describe the products and/or services you will be providing and indicate your rates, i.e., hourly, one-time fee, etc.

Catering Invoice Template 01

Catering Invoice Template 02

Catering Invoice Template 03

Catering Invoice Template 04

Catering Invoice Template 05

Catering Invoice Template 06

    Reviewing and Sending your Catering Invoice

    Review your invoice template keenly before you send it. Keep an eye out for grammar mistakes and typos, and make sure that you don’t miss anything.

    Preview the catering invoice: make sure to preview the catering invoice before you send it. You can ask your colleague to go through it to make sure that all the information provided in the invoice is accurate.

    Send: if you are sending the invoice via mail, make sure to include a clear, accurate, and descriptive subject line. This way, the client will be able to understand and open the mail easily.


    The basic information to be included in a catering invoice Is very simple and easy to understand. Every catering business is different, which is why, after downloading a catering invoice template, you will have to tailor it towards your style. Remember that you can add your personal touch in the design and colors but keep it simple, clear, and professional.

    Other than that, when writing a catering invoice, you must be very keen on details and consider every little expense. Clients are paying huge sums of money to have a perfect event. It is your mandate as the caterer to be prepared for anything that can go wrong and have a well-trained team to make sure that the event runs smoothly.

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