15+ Free Birth Certificate Templates (Word | PSD)

The birth certificate is a legal document drawn up by a registrar when the birth is declared. It attests to the person’s civil status: a copy must be produced during certain official procedures.

It can be issued in the form of a full copy, extract with or without parentage.

How to obtain the birth certificate ?

The birth certificate is drawn up when the birth is declared. For the child to have a birth certificate, a person who attended the birth – in practice it is often the father – must therefore declare the child within five days from the birth.

For this, he must have the parents’ identity papers and the birth certificate drawn up by the doctor or midwife. The declaration is made at the town hall of the place of birth, or directly at the hospital if the structure ensures permanence of the registrar within the maternity service.

Once the birth of the child has been declared, his certificate is immediately drawn up. Several copies of the certificate are then drawn up and given to the parents so that they can carry out certain administrative procedures.

Content of Birth Certificate

The birth certificate contains all the legal and administrative information relating to the child.

It includes:

  • The family name, first name, place of birth, date and time of birth of the child.
  • The surnames, first names, dates of birth, professions, addresses and matrimonial regimes of the parents. This information does not appear on the extract of the birth certificate without parentage.

It is modified or supplemented as soon as an event occurs likely to change the legal or family situation of its holder. The modifications and additions are transcribed in the margins of the birth certificate. The following events are mentioned in the birth certificate:

  • A change of surname or given name.
  • A guardianship, curatorship or safeguard of justice.
  • A marriage, a change in matrimonial regime, a divorce or a legal separation.
  • The conclusion, the change of regime and the dissolution of a PACS.
  • Recognition of a child.
  • The death.

What is it for?

The birth certificate is an essential document insofar as it must be produced in order to complete certain procedures.

At the time of the child’s birth, parents must present a copy or an extract of the birth certificate to certain organizations:

  • Health Insurance and their mutuals to obtain the attachment and protection of their child.
  • To the employer to benefit from maternity leave for the mother, paternity leave for the father.
  • Home insurance.

Who can to obtain it ?

The following persons may obtain the full copy of the birth certificate or the extract of the birth certificate with parentage:

  • The person concerned if he is of full age or emancipated, his legal representative if he is a minor.
  • His husband.
  • An ascendant or a descendant.
  • A legally authorized professional – a notary or a lawyer on behalf of his client, in particular.

Anyone can ask to obtain the birth certificate extract without the filiation of another person, without having to prove any quality or any reason. Copies and extracts with parentage of birth certificates that have become public archives are also freely available: these include the birth certificate of a person who has died for more than 25 years.

To obtain the full copy of the extract with or without parentage of the birth certificate, you must contact the town hall of the place of birth of the person concerned. The request is made online, by mail, or by going directly to the site. When the person concerned was born abroad, the request must be made to the central registry office.

The delivery of the copy or the extract of the birth certificate is free, except for postal costs.

Online Birth Certificate

Most town halls in the US offer the possibility of requesting a copy of the birth certificate online. The procedure is simple: just enter the postal code of the place of birth, then fill in the birth certificate request form directly online. The document is sent by mail within five days of the request.

Birth Certificate Templates

You can create fake birth certificates for baby announcements or invitations or maybe just frame them and hang them on your wall. for this purpose, we have provided free birth certificate templates. You can download, customize and print these templates at home.
















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