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Sample Appointment Letter for Teacher Meeting (Basics & Tips)

A teacher appointment letter is an official document a teacher writes to a parent or guardian informing them of his or her willingness to meet and discuss the developments and progress on the students performance or any other student-related issue. This letter is written as a response to a meeting request sent by the guardian of the child.

Majorly, teachers use it to seek an audience with the child’s parents or guardians to discuss the performance of the child either in their academics or otherwise. This appointment letter usually summons the parent for a meeting at a specific date and time.

Some of the advantages of creating this document include:

  • It highlights politeness, humility, and formality while conveying vital information between two parties.
  • Since you have a foreknowledge of the meeting, both parties can pick a suitable time that works for either side. It gives sufficient time to plan and prepare necessary documents and responses before the date decided.
  • As an educator, you have access to requisite information concerning the proposed discussion.  For instance, you know the duration, content, and style of the meeting. These pieces of information help you to have a productive meeting.
  • It saves you several minutes when the meeting starts because you just dive right into it, without much ado.  
  • Sometimes, you may need to display documentation to the school authorities, directorates, or management of another school. This document will come in handy, confirming that the meeting took place. It shows the time and the issues discussed by both parties.

Format of a Teacher’s Appointment Letter

A proper appointment letter for teacher meeting should have the following basic format:


This is a non-negotiable component of the document. It shows the exact period of writing the letter. It informs the other individual (the parent) of how much time given to them by the tutor to create space on their calendar and prepare for the scheduled meeting. The date also serves reference purposes. Ideally, it is positioned at the top left corner of the paper.


The contact and residential information of both individuals involved in the meeting should not be left out. You should start the section with the name of the person the letter is addressed to then Other essential parameters you can add to this part are your zip code or post office numbers on the address for easy reference.

Subject line

You are required to constuct a subject line to your letter to tell the parent/guardian what the letter is about even without reading the entire letter. The topic can be written with upper case letters or underlined lower case. If you are replying to a letter sent by a parent, you should include ‘RE:” before the topic. This helps to bring the attention of the parent to the previous letter you are writing a response to.


As a formal letter, consider starting with a formal tone. According to standard formats, start with a “Dear”, followed by the title of the guardian. For instance, “Dear Sir” Moreover, find out their professional titles such as “Dr.” On some rare circumstances, you can write “To Whom It May Concern,”


A letter of an appointment starts with your introduction. You are required to politely introduce yourself before moving on to the purpose of the letter. The introduction should be brief and to the point: two to three sentences in a single paragraph.

Body of the letter

This part of the letter embodies the overall purpose of the letter of appointment typically; proposed time of the date of the meeting, venue, purpose of the meeting, duration of the meeting, and other relevant details regarding the meeting that may serve the purpose of clearly conveying as much information as required, for the meeting to be arranged and conducted properly.

Concluding paragraph

Every letter has a conclusion, and the letter of appointment for the teacher meeting is not an exception. In the ending section, you should persuade the parent/guardian to endeavor to be at the meeting. You should also provide your contact details — telephone, and email — so they can relate his feedback to you before the meeting date.

There are various closings sign-offs you can use for your letter, and they include, “ Yours Sincerely,” “Yours faithfully”, “Best regards,” or “Respectfully,” followed by your full name. to make it more legible, you can skip two lines at the end of the letter, add the closing, and then leave four-line spaces between the closing and the name for your signature.

Writing Tips

Writing an appointment letter for a teacher can become a daunting task if you are not backed with the right tips.

Here are a few guides to writing an effective appointment letter:

Do not crowd the letter with irrelevant details: Doing so might send the reader off-track and annoy him or her. To mitigate this, you should ensure that the letter is easy to read and understand. The main idea is to capture the important facts about the proposed meeting, and as such you should include the following relevant details:  Date, proposed time, names of parties, Place where the meeting is to be held, Documents required at the meeting, Proposed time allocated for the meeting (20, 40 or 60 minutes).

Make the letter coherent and easy to go through: Whenever you are creating a letter of appointment for a meeting, you should avoid making the contents of the letter complicated.

Do not make use of any difficult glossary: Avoid making difficult glossaries that would confuse the other party and ensure you use a legible font.

Make the letter brief and precise: You should avoid packing up the meeting with lots of agenda. Doing so would give the other party an idea of a complicated and long meeting, which is mostly a misconception.

Appointment Letter: Template and Sample

Letter template:

(Recipient address)

(Sender address)


Dear Sir/Madam

Topic — Appointment for a Meeting

My name is _ teacher to _ in grade . I have some important concerns about your child, and I am writing to request a meeting with you to discuss the issue. The meeting is scheduled to take place on _____ at __. I promise to make the meeting as brief as possible. The meeting will only last for a period of _ and would have the following persons in attendance: _____.

The meeting would be very important as it would help to resolve the issue on the ground. I am hoping to hear from you and hope we can meet as soon as possible. You can contact me on (Your telephone) or email at ( Your email address).

Thanks in advance as you plan for the meeting.

Yours sincerely

(Your Name).

Sample letter:

3rd April 2019

Pepper Potts

The Mainland School

School lane 5th street


Dear Mrs. Maureen Solomon

456 Grove Street. Apt.10


RE: Appointment for a Meeting

My name is Pepper Potts, I am the teacher to Greg Solomon in grade 4. Before your letter, which came in some days ago, I had noticed some significant decline in Greg’s performance and cognitive abilities. I have tried to talk to him to understand the reason and it seems he is a bit too pre0ccupied at home with other tasks. It is indeed a great concern to me, and I need you to help me out, hence this letter.

If your schedule permits, I would like to schedule a meeting appointment with you at your earliest convenience. The meeting would be an effective way to come up with strategies that would help us to ensure he improves as soon as possible. At the meeting, we would discuss the issue and see how we can work together to help him to regain his sterling performance as this has been affected as well. The meeting venue would be at the Virgin Gardens at 3 pm. The date of the meeting would be dependent on your reply as I would want your most convenient date for the meeting to be communicated as possible.

Would this Monday at 3 PM work for you? If not, please let me know when would suit your schedule best. I very much appreciate you taking the time. I would be coming to the meeting with his academic advisor, Mr. Anderson Aflek.

I am hoping to hear from you and hope we can meet as soon as possible. You can contact me on 0745 437 576 or email me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance as you plan for the meeting. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Pepper Potts

Greg Solomons Teacher

Final Words

Overall, a teacher appointment letter for meetings is authentic documentation that a teacher creates and sends to a guardian, informing the guardian of a proposed meeting. While putting together an appointment request letter, take your time to create something impressive. We have a resources section where you can get tons of editable templates in one place. Check your schedule and create a convenient time for both parties. Also, state the duration, the points of discussion, and other critical details which should be well articulated.

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