25 Best American Cuisine Menu Templates and Ideas

American cuisine goes beyond ultra-processed and can be a real experience for those exploring its flavors. This guide will not only introduce American cuisine but will also show you the American cuisine templates! It’s too easy to associate typical U.S. foods with fast-foods and frozen foods. After all, those scenes of office life with quick lunches in the form of burgers and hot dogs don’t come out of American movies and series.

Nor can we forget the massive industrialization of food that began in the late 19th century and how this directly impacts the way the West relates to eating habits to this day.

However, U.S. cuisine also has a strong influence from different cultures, from the Native Americans who inhabited the region during pre-colonization to the Asian, Latino, and European immigrants who made the country their home.

10 Typical Dishes in American Cuisine

Food customs and typical North American dishes are the results of mixtures of customs and ingredients from other cultures.

Of the Indians who lived in the American territory, the cuisine of the United States inherited the use of corn, one of the most consumed grains and present in the table of The Americans to date.

The wave of immigrants from Italy who arrived in the country throughout the 20th century is the strong presence of the masses. It is common to see several Italian-American restaurants on the streets of major cities in the United States.

No wonder that virtually every New York street, for example, has at least one small pizzeria. Because of the strong immigration of Mexicans, it is quite common to see tacos and burritos on the American menu and being consumed in food trucks in San Francisco, for example.

With a touch here and there of miscegenation, the typical food of the United States has shaped and presented unique dishes that fill the belly of travelers. Allow us, dear reader, to present 10 of the most typical delicacies of the Yankees.


In the first place of the typical dishes of the United States, they could not miss the hamburger. Never have two slices of bread stuffed with a slice of meat in the middle represented so much the food customs of a country.

Additional fillings and condiments are at the discretion of each person and the offer of the snack bars. But the fact is: there is no restaurant in the USA that does not offer a variety of hamburgers, be it the cheapest or the fullest of unusual combinations.


Hot dog

Yes, you’ve ever imagined yourself from a social, briefcase in hand and ordering a street hot dog in the middle of Brooklyn in New York. A classic setting for most crime series!

The image of the stalls in the main squares and accesses of the city center is almost unanimous for anyone who has ever watched a movie that takes place in some large American city. The hot dog hitched a ride on this wave and is also one of the typical dishes of the United States.

Hot Dog with Ketchup

Steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Do you know our rice and beans? For American cuisine, a very common meal is a portion of red meat, which is nothing more than fried or grilled steak, with a portion of vegetables (usually broccoli or peas) with mashed potatoes.

It’s the typical dinner in American cuisine. Sometimes beef steak is replaced by chicken meat or vegetables by corn, but no variation is too far away from the base dish.


Marinated turkey with cranberry sauce

This is the famous gala meal among the typical foods of the United States. Historically, roasted turkey marinated with cranberry sauce is the most symbolic meal of American cuisine.

It is the typical dish that marks Thanksgiving celebrations. The holiday originated in the 17th century and, like Christmas, has strong cultural roots by proposing a meal between family and friends to celebrate the past year.


Biscuits and gravy

Biscuits and gravy are some of the most popular dishes of breakfast quickly in the United States, mainly in the southern states.

By the way, have you seen our script on the Kentucky Bourbon Route? There are some great indications of WELL American cuisine restaurants where you can find the dishes indicated here.

Biscuits and gravy are nothing more than two dough biscuits covered in meat sauce or with a variant called Sawmill, made from port sausages, white flour, and milk.

Some recipes add pieces of bacon or sausage and black pepper. Anyway, the dish mixes the tradition of barbecues from the South of the United States right at the first meal of the day.

Biscuits and gravy


The American pancake is open and, in most cases, is covered with a sweet sauce like honey and the traditional, coming straight from Canada, Maple Syrup.

Pancake is one of the typical Foods of the United States perfect for breakfast. By the way, if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel in North America, you’ve probably seen that machine that bakes a pancake on the spot and takes the rounded and cuddly dough to your plate with a rail.


Barbecue ribs

The barbecue ribs are a little different from what we have elsewhere. Cuts of meat can take hours to be baked because they are made over low heat and, like biscuits and gravy, have a strong connection with the South of the USA.

In southern states, the dish is a tradition and is always present in local restaurants and commonly prepared at parties.

grilled rib pork with barbecue sauce vegetable frech fries wooden cutting board

Apple pie

There could be no shortage of traditional candy. And nothing more American and typical of the United States than an apple pie.

The American way of making the sweet pie is right in that style that you must have seen in a drawing of the woodpecker: the shape of the iron, a thick dough on top, and full of creamy filling in the middle.

The sweet is so intrinsic in American cuisine that during the 4th of July celebrations, it is common to be served as dessert.

Apple pie

Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder is a creamy soup made with shellfish, pork, garlic, onion, and potato widely consumed in Massachusetts during the colder months.

Seafood is caught on the coast and has become a traditional culinary landmark of the United States, mainly among residents of the Boston area.

Clam Chowder

Crab Cake

The savory dumplings are widely consumed in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland and became part of The United States cuisine as early as the 19th century. In addition to crab meat, fried dumplings still carry pieces of bread, mayonnaise, eggs, and seasonings.

Crab cake

American Menu Templates

A restaurant’s menu has a lot of responsibility. A good one will light up hunger cravings and give customers a summary of what they can expect. So make the design count!

Now you can create attractive restaurant scenes with high-quality menu mockups. Ideal for websites, profile banners, and more, these visuals help designers and restorers make compelling images faster.

Gain an edge in your next project with these wonderful resources of American menu templates:

American Style Menu Free Sample

Free Breakfast Menu Sample

Fast Food Menu Example Free

Pizza Menu Sample Free

Free Sea Food Menu Format


American Style Breakfast Menu

American Menu Sample free

Menu Template Free



    American Style Restaurant Menu 11

    American Style Restaurant Menu 12

    American Style Restaurant Menu 13

    American Style Restaurant Menu 14

    This is a standard size American restaurant template with a beautiful design. This kind of template is normally the one that is hand over to the customers within the restaurants. It is best suited for all kinds of restaurants offering American or Anglo-American food. It can also be used by catering service providers.

    American Style Restaurant Menu 15

    Another restaurant flyer template with a captivating design but unlike other restaurant flyer templates mentioned in the list is not one of "today's special" template and can be used to promote multiple dishes or entire standard American menu without limiting it to one dish.

    American Style Restaurant Menu 16

    Minimal mockup templates like this are also indispensable for creatives. This bi-fold American restaurant food menu template presents three different perspectives of a half-fold brochure. Just add your menu layout to see it applied. Take a look!

    American Style Restaurant Menu 17

    This American fast food template, which can also be used as a flyer or ad, is one of those templates which falls under "today's special" category. This kind of template is perfect for those restaurants which specialize in offering American fast food, but it's not a compulsion, and it can also be used in other restaurants too.

    American Style Restaurant Menu 18

    Do you want to show your coffee menu in a new way? Try this simple coffee house template. It will definitely help you catch the attention of the customer. You can use it to level the game of your coffee house; moreover, it can also be used as an ad.

    American Style Restaurant Menu 19

    Unlike other templates, this special American template is not one of those which you will see in most restaurants. This appetizing template is tailor-made for special occasions and can be used in both American and non-American restaurants.

    Its single-page design makes it easy to use on your restaurant's social media handles as a promo for a special offer!

      American Style Restaurant Menu 20

      Get new customers or customers with this delicious burger template! This menu template features a vintage-inspired atmosphere with fantastic foods. It is also shown on a rustic, elegant background.

      American Style Restaurant Menu 21

      Combine the sophisticated style of your restaurant with this American menu card. This kind of American restaurant food menu template is best for medium to a low-end restaurant with limited resources to cover-up things.

      American Style Restaurant Menu 22

      Show your best sellers in front of your menu design, just like in this amazing template. This beautiful American fast food template can be used in almost all American and Anglo-American restaurants.

      American Style Restaurant Menu 23

      This is amazing looking standard American restaurant best taste food template. It is perfect for those American food restaurants or those restaurants where there is considerable demand for Anglo-American food. This template can also be used for promos on either website, social media, or food magazines.

      American Style Restaurant Menu 24

      Unlike some other templates in this list, which can be used as a menu card, this template is rather for a single special dish. These kinds of templates are best for promos and can be used in any restaurant where you have a customer base for American food.

      American Style Restaurant Menu 25

      Show your restaurant or grill bar's best with an elegant template like this. This pizza menu American mono-fold template is just what you need to get quick results. It can also serve as an ad!

      American Style Restaurant Menu 26

      Are you thinking about opening a new takeaway shop? Then take a look at this interesting composition. With many delicious food items, this template is ideal for cafes, bakeries, and fast-food restaurants. Enhance your ads with stunning graphics and objects.

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