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Marriage Certificate Template – Write Your Own Certificate

Love is beautiful so is the wedding day as well as the marriage certificate should be lovely to commemorate that day. Marriage certificate is a legal paper that has both the couple’s, witnesses and the Bishop’s signature in it showing that one has a right for marrying and has fulfilled all the customary laws that they should according to rules and laws of a country .

Countries also have rules of who is to pay dowry, you may find that it is either the groom or the bride paying dowry like the Indians for example the bride is the one who pays dowry to the groom . The marriage certificate is offered by a registered Bishop before a congregation or an accredited lawyer to perform the act. A marriage certificate offered by a legal lawyer only requires a few details and does not require a whole congregation but just the couple, two witnesses and the information to be filled on the marriage certificate. The marriage certificate template is a paper made in a special way that it will be attractive to commemorate the day in a special way that will be remembered by the couple getting married.

Technology has made work easier for may because the templates can be found in many designs of one’s liking, you can choose from the hundreds of designs online or get an idea and design your own marriage certificate template of your own desire and liking. The marriage certificate template has beautiful boarders that can either be at the corners of the template or all-round the template, any design that the couple will like. The important details on the marriage certificate template are like;

-Name of couple being married

-Date of marriage

-The person or reverend marrying the couple

-Location of church or legal office

-Couple’s signature

-The witnesses signature

-The officiator’s signature

It is known so far that the marriage certificate is the only legal document that a married couple has to show and prove to family and friend also the world that they are married and the online marriage certificate templates is a brilliant and readymade tool which have made it cheap for many to own a marriage certificate especially with the help of the online marriage certificate templates.


Portrait Marriage Certificate Template for Word :

Portrait Marriage Certificate Template for Word

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Blank Marriage Certificate Template :

Blank Marriage Certificate Template

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Printable Marriage Certificate :

Printable Marriage Certificate

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